i need a quiet pc



what CPU do you have?
just swapping the fans out won't make that much difference; you also need to think about slowing the fans down, but still keeping sufficient cooling and airflow. This could mean bigger and/or more fans running at 5V or 7V and a new heatsink again with a bigger slower running fan


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why dont you just get a rhoebus and control the fan speeds yourself. :thumbsup:

Look Here


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Dont even bother looking at the claimed specs. They mean nothing. For those of you into hifi systems you'll know not to go by the specs. Also keep in mind that anything less that i think about 20dB is inaudiable to the human ear over ambient levels.

I got my 120mm nexus fans from Kustom PCs.

I've gained all my knowledge from Here, well worth posting a topic in the 'System Advice' Forum.

The guys there do go a little extreme sometimes, audiophiles of the pc silencing world.

Hope that helps a little :)

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