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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by alpit, Mar 10, 2002.

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    I want a 32" flat widescreen tv, but having been to the high street 3 times now, I just don't know which one to go for!
    My requirements are -
    no more than £1300 - (unless you guys recommend something that cost a little bit more that i really must have)
    I watch a lot of football, and i do mean alot, so i want the picture to be right for this, no compromises.
    3 scart sockets
    i have seperate amp and speakers, so sound isn't an issue.
    space in the cabinet for my centre speaker (22cm)
    something that also looks good :) (i do have to keep certain members of the family happy)
    I was looking at a Loewe Vitros today and that looked good, even though it costs more than i want to pay, i would borrow that extra amount (she liked it too!)
    Also looked at a Phillips, can't remember the model but it was a light green colour case with a small round clock in the case.
    JVC also keeps cropping up on the forum, should i play it safe and get a av32wft1??

    I'm sorry to have to post this but i'm so incredibly indecisive i just need someone to say "buy a ?????? tv, you can't go wrong" and i'll be happy to make that purchase:)
    Thanks in advance???!!!
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    The Toshiba 32Zp18P meets the first part but the cabinet would probably fail your requirements. The Tosh does have excellent audio passthrough which is a benefit for those with amp/receivers. You can pick one up for about £1200.

    The JVC models suffer with poor audio passthrough so individual connections are required. Ian J would fill you in more on this as he has one. However, iirc, his view that is that this is the only real problem.

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