I need a little help about JVC




I have a JVC 28" widescreen 100Hz tv and i really like it, the picture is brilliant.

I just have one sigle "problem", i know someone who thinks he is a television expert, he claims that Philips and Sony are the only good televisions, and that forexample JVC is "discount" compared to them. I definately do not agree with that.

I need a few exampels where the diffrent brands are compared or something like that.

I hope you can help me, it is quiet irritating he always brings up the subject and keeps saying that JVC is a discount brand.



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All brands are "discount" if you go to the right place.

You could start with a few review quotes:


JVC are No. 3 manufacturer in the UK behind Sony & Pana in terms of Sales.

BTW, your JVC TV probably has a Philips tube in it.

If you like the set it doesn't really matter what he thinks anyway.


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