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My Hisense 55h6d worked fine until I updated the firmware, next time I went to turn it on it stayed on the smart logo which was animated as normal, but a little longer than usual, then the tv goes to an all-black screen but the backlight is still on, then I have to unplug it to turn it off. hoping a firmware downgrade or maybe an upgrade would do the trick, just spent 400 on this tv 1 year ago, and have $0 to replace it now that I'm disabled. hoping someone has a link to a download because Hisense has a download page but it's useless and blank. thank you. hoping to fix it myself but ill be calling them tomorrow to see if they can send me a USB if I cant get it done myself tonight.

"P.S also unplugged it and held power button for 30 seconds waited 10 mins, same thing, 100 times, its out of warranty and Hisense doesn't even have it on their site"

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May struggle to get an answer on here as it's primarily a UK forum and we don't have that model number.
May be out of warranty but have have you tried contacting Hisense US? They would be in best position to advise. If it's a FW update that's broken the TV, they should be your first port of call. In the UK they are quite good at sending out FW on USB for those with problems.
Just in case though, have you had a look in the Hisense TV section on here in case there have been any posts from US members with that model?


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they sent me the firmware, and my tv is better then it was out of the box. Heres the link to update firmware for 55" 55H6D
Thank you for contacting Hisense.
You will find a link to the FW Update Download below. Please follow the below instructions to update your TV Firmware.
FW Upgrade Download: ownCloud
1. Follow the link above and download the file, "[ ].zip". The file will be compressed, so using a built-in or downloaded (i.e. Winzip) unzipping software, extract all files.
2. Locate the file .pkg. Copy and paste this file into an EMPTY FAT32 formatted USB Stick.
a. Please ensure that NOTHING ELSE is on the USB, ONLY the.pkg file.
3. Safely Eject the USB from your PC by right-clicking on the USB(on your Desktop or in your My Computer) and selecting "Eject", then unplug the USB from your PC.
4. Turn OFF the TV.
5. Plug the USB into the TV's topmost USB port(located on the rear of the TV).
6. Please unplug the TV from the wall and plug back in.
7. Press and hold the POWER button on the TV Remote Control, once you see "Software updating" appear on the screen you may RELEASE the power button.
8. Please wait and let the Software Update process finish.
a. The Software Update Process will complete without any further user interaction.
b. The Process should take between 5-8 minutes.
c. Please DO NOT turn OFF the TV during this process.
9. When the update is complete, the "Software updating" Screen will disappear and the TV will come up as it normally does.
10. Remove the USB from the back of the TV.
And now your TV is updated!
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