I need a 5.1 amp for my PC (Audigy ZS)


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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a 5.1 amp that can take input from a Creative Audigy ZS. Up to now, I have had a 5.1 set of creative PC speakers - tiddly, wimpy little things they were, too.

Now I have a full Acoustic Energy surround sound speaker set, and no way to connect it. I had to twist phono plugs on the end of my speaker cables to conenct them to the Creative sub, but this is an insult to my new speakers - the sub just doesn't have the power!

So now I'm looking for a proper amp separate, but really need it to have input from the Audigy card for 5.1 surround either via the orange/green/black plugs coming from the audigy card itself or from (preferably) the digital audio out on the Audigy head unit.

Has anyone had similar experiences, or know where I should start looking? Budget is ideally £200 max, unless there is good reason to push it up a bit ;)

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