I love my PS4 , But Really .....


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Man kicked out of store for pleasuring himself to PS4s

CCTV footage shows the man, wearing a red beanie hat and black coat, standing in front of a Playstation 4 in an unknown electronics store.

He promptly undoes his belt and drops his trousers, seemingly unfazed by two shoppers standing just feet away from him.




What was that saying, PS4 - It's For The Players. Clearly he read it as W***ers.

I can see a Specsavers advert in there somewhere.


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He could of just been putting some Xbone secrect sauce in there ;).


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Oops wrong section, if a mod could be so kind and move it.


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It takes all kinds i guess.

Different STROKES for different folks. Lol :rotfl:


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I know it is a funny story and all, but you know imagine going to say Toys'r'us and seeing some bloke unzip and start rubbing one out over "insert name of toy here"...the connotations would be entirely different.

Pretty disturbing all round.


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He`s obviously got mental issues and should probably evaluated.


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Maybe he was from the daily mail and showing all the parents one of the things you have to do in GTA

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