I love my Arcam system!!


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Oct 8, 2005
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Hi Guys, I am new to the forum :hiya:

I was quite surprised to see an Arcam forum :smashin:

I just wanted to say how much pleasure my system has brought me since I purchased it 2 years ago.

I own a CD 82, A65+ amp and a pair of B&W 602 S3's.

Ok, so its only a budget system by some peoples standards, but, this combo sounds fantastic!!

My future upgrade will be the amp to a seccond hand A85, with some better cables.

Anyway, thought I would share that with you all.

Take care ;)
Blueorb said:
I own a CD 82, A65+ amp and a pair of B&W 602 S3's.

I wouldnt call it a budget system. Arcam dont really do 'budget' IMO
Welcome to the forum-there's some really useful stuff on here!

I have just upgraded my amp so I have a silver A85 for sale if you're interested, let me know. :smashin:

Welcome. Great choice, Arcam & B&W :thumbsup: And it's all good when it comes to Arcam regardless of "budget"!! :smashin:



I am also new to the forum and can happily tell you how helpful and friendly the other Arcam enthusiasts have been to questions that I have asked.

There is indeed a wealth of information with the forum and some very useful tid-bits and would be very surprised if there was a question that could not be answered.

Oh ... and I also love the 'arcam sound', each and everytime I listen to it a smile spreads across my face. :D

Enjoy :thumbsup:

When I was demo'ing various pieces of equipment, I was horrified at the sound of some so called audiophile systems.

In particular, I hated the sound of the Marantz and Rotel systems. The sound so bright and harsh. I then purchased a Nad system which sounded great in the shop, but after a week at home...... :eek: It was bloody awful!

Then a friend suggested Arcam to me. Who???? was my response! I managed to audition an A 65+ amp, and was pleasantly suprised. I bought the amp, and connected it to my Dennon C.D player..........Not as good as it sounded in the shop. So, I bit the bullet and auditioned the Arcam C.D players. This time I visited Sevenoaks Sound and Vision. Yes it was worth paying a slight premium for the service they gave me. Excellent shop.

Anyway, I decided on the CD82. It was perfect!

I got it home, and connected it up, and.........Bliss!! :smashin:

It doesn't matter what music I put through it, it always sounds great and never wearing. The sound it rich, smooth and detailed. I am now an Arcam convert, and would certainly buy Arcam again. They will always be at the top of my audition list in future!

I would have liked to have purchased Arcam AV equipment too, only my budget wouldn't stretch to it, but maybe in the future I can upgrade!! :lease:


Blueorb said:
I would have liked to have purchased Arcam AV equipment too, only my budget wouldn't stretch to it, but maybe in the future I can upgrade!!



i couldnt recommend Arcam's AV equipment enough. i started with the AVR300 and now settled on the pre power combo and all i can say is... wow.

Worth 100% every penny, but as a start point i would go for the 300. With your new cd player et all this would make the perfect partner. :thumbsup:

Start saving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love my wife / family.. I LIKE my Arcam / Denon.... gadgets come and go.... families don't / shouldn't.
After rejecting a Rotel pre/power combo and then a VTL pre, the jazz vocals really sang through a Diva 85 driving ProAc Studio 125s. Fantastic! It's SO quiet. A CD upgrade next to an Arcam CD192 or push the boat out for a CD36 at twice the price. Waddya reckon?

Any thoughts on this Setup?

Paradigm Studio 100's

As I can't a dealer that carries both Arcam and Paradigm, I can't audition the setup. I am very tempted to buy it just on blind faith but considering the cost involved it's a pretty big punt.
I would say go for it. I think you will be happy with the sound.

Regards, Tom
gekko, I have Arcam/Paradigm combo, excellent partners. Fortunately my dealer carried both so it made it that much easier to make a good decision. There are many good choices with the Arcam gear though :smashin:
Don't listen to 'What Hi-Fi', the chimps there probably plugged it all and sat there wondering why it didn't set itself up at the press of a button. Are you really going to accept the opinion of what is generally regarded as the least technical and professional Hi-Fi' magazine out there over and above the opinions of the other mags and most of all over the squeals of delight from owners of these products on the forum.
I generally don't have much regard for mag reviews because I don't think they present a very honest opinion-be it because of the mag's preferences in brand or incentives ( not suggesting they get any)-I rely a lot on the feedback from users of these equipment. However, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I don't have the luxury to audition the combo with the speakers I like. So when you hear of a bad review it makes one feel a bit uncomfortable.
Since we're talking about Anthem, Paradigm, Arcam, and honest opinions, here is mine: I owned an Anthem AVM30 processor and PVA7 amp for about six months and was never quite satisfied with the two channel sound of the processor. I was using them with my Paradigm Studio ref speakers that I've had for several years. I read a lot of good things about Arcam and tried out an AVP700 in my house and found it to be better than the Anthem by a large margin for music. Anthem had a slight edge in features and it was about a tie for HT. With music being a top priority for me, I sold my Anthem (taking a fairly big loss from the price I paid for it) and never looked back. It is now connected to my PVA7 and the Paradigms and they make a great combination. I only wish I'd found the Arcam first to avoid the lost coin and the explanations to the wife.


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