I am sure I am going to get a Denon 3805 amp. However I am either going to get a Pioneer 868 (Pioneer i-link) or a Arcam 79 DVD player.

My question is:

If I go for the Pioneer DVD player would I be better off going for the Pioneer AX5i amp and taking advantage of the i-link instead of the Dennon?

Also is there much difference between i-link and coaxial/optical. Like will I really notice the difference?



AFAIK the main advantage of iLink is that it can carry DVD-A & SACD to the receiver on 1 cable rather than 6 analogue phono cables. I don't think it has any advantages for DD/DTS.

In that case I will stick to the 3805 :)


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Well, yes, but the main advantage of i-link/firewire is not so much just saving some cables, but that the signal is digital, and therefore the bass management can be carried out by the processor, not the DVD player.
I guess it depends alot on whether you plan to listen to SACD/DVD Audio much of the time.
Not having heard any of the kit, I can't really comment too much, but if going for the Pioneer DVD, I'd definitely want to take advantage of the i-link thingy and buy a Pioneer amp.
Anyway, what do I know! I'm sure someone here will have tried both ways.


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I'm lost of this one. What's the difference in the amp doing the processing rather than the dvd player as long as something does it? A decent dvd player may have a better processor than the amp.

There must be more to it than that.


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Well, I'm no expert - I have put a thread in the Processors and Power amp section asking a simliar question there!!
However, one of the main problems with using the 6 channel input is that this bypasses the amplifiers digital bass management system. This is a potential problem for sub sat systems (I think!!)
To get round this the DVD players now have their own bass management where you can adjust crossover frequencies etc.
I think that the main point is that the flexibility of the management in the amplifiers processor is generally better than that in the DVD player. (I read that somewhere so it must be true. Daily Mail I think).

Or is this all rubbish? haha
Originally posted by Jackass
As far as i know the 3805 does not have iLink input, it has Denon's propriatory Denon Link and this will NOT work with the Pioneer 868 iLink output
Cheers Jackass :)

Thats why I asked if it was worth getting the Pioneer amp. You are right the Pioneer i-link isnt compatable with Denons version.



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hi, i have a pio ax5i and 757 ai connected via i-link, analogue and coaxial.

The ilink is always the best connection, the coaxial is nearest most of the time, the analogue is the worst.

When change between ilink and analogue the volume is much louder and cleaner with ilink at equal dbs.


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The DAC's in the amp will pretty much always outperform those in a DVD. Rememebrt he DVD's main task is video. Also its beter to convert the signal to analouge as late as possible, so a direct link tot he amp is the best option IMO. The main advantage of i-link and other firewire standars is the abillity to carry the full bandwith signal safely to a amp as not comprimise copy-protection issues. HDMI IMO will eventually replace all the manufacturers own sstems as the industry standard.
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