I know its been asked a hundred times...


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Hi Rob
If they have one in stock i would go for the yamaha i used to have one of these and are very good value the amp is great with movies and for 99 quid a bargain, go and get one.
Cheers Gonzo.


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For under 100, I would too have chosen the Yamaha 530.

For up to 200, I would go for either Pioneer C301 or Yamaha 5640.

But there are discussions now about Sony 790 and some mags are absolutely raving about it, and for 230, I guess this would take some beating.



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I agree about the £100 Yamaha for entry AV (ie DVD) purposes. Then you can put the other £100 towards other things, like speakers and interconnects

steve 111

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Definately Yamaha at that price. Just make sure you get a full 12 month warranty as its Graded stock.

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