I KNEW girder would give me grief! Help Kramer!

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by Goof, Dec 23, 2003.

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    Got my IRman in a couple of days ago to use in conjunction with my Pronto. I have now read through the AVS help thread, made all the corresponding settings and merged Jeff's Theatertek CCF with my own and successfully downloaded to the Pronto.

    I had initially loaded on the software from the IRman cd (IRman server and Girder 2.1), however, on reading this thread I uninstalled IRman server and Girder and reloaded on Girder 3.3 which I got off the website.

    The IRman is on COM2 and Girder has all the settings as per the AVS thread (set to COM2, using IRMAN plugin) but I'm not getting any joy - seems to be the same problem Mark Ward had in the above thread, but an uninstall/reinstall hasn't helped.
    Edit: forgot to mention, I get the "hardware initialisation failed" message in the girder>settings>plugin>IRman settings.

    Assistance much appreciated :zonked:

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