I Kid you not!


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For some people it seems that they can simply say - I was drunk and don't remember anything. In this case I don't think that washes. For some people they just can't help acting the goat - this has taken things onto a new level. I know we now live in a nanny state but I don't think the punishment lives up to the crime on this one.


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indianwells said:
I think they should ask the goat if any hanky panky occurred.
I think that would have been a fate worse than death. in fact I think the poor old goat chose death!


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The goat died unfortunately.


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GW43 said:
That would have been taken for granted - it happened in Wales!:devil:
And what they didn't tell you was that the goat was found wearing knee-highs and a shocking pink lipstick :eek:


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To be fair, it does look like a pretty little goat.

I reckon she was asking for it.


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This reminds me of something which happened about twenty years or so ago locally. There was an Indian family living a couple of doors from me, and the husband, Harry, would make curry from practically anything.
He bought a goat one time and was bringing it home on a lead, he had been in a pub prior to that, the route he came home on meant he had to wait at the train crossing, as there is no pedestrian bridge there. He tied the goat up while waiting for the train to pass, and as it was dark he relieved himself just out of sight. The train came and went and the gates rose, along with Harry's goat hanging by it's lead, by the time they were able to get it down it had died.


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4th Paragraph of the link - "Snowy the goat died two days after her ordeal, her owner has revealed."


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I find in slightly disturbing that they need BTRITISH marksmen to cull our Welsh goat herd (obnoxious or not). Surely there must be sufficient gun toting Welshmen out there to do the job....just a thought!

"As many as 300 wild goats in a national forest in Wales have become so obnoxious, British officials are considering sending in marksmen to thin the herd"


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lee789 said:
4th Paragraph of the link - "Snowy the goat died two days after her ordeal, her owner has revealed."
I find it very distasteful that there are people here making jokes about it.


I find it quite disturbing that there is a British Feral Goat Society !

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