I Just Don't Know What To Do?


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My Stuff

Win7 Desktop
Win7 Laptop
ReadyNas Duo 2x500GB Mirrored?
WD My Book Essential External Hard Drive - 2TB

What do I Want?

To Backup Desktop (wired)/(Laptop Wireless)
Rip Blu-ray/DVD (movie only) & stream via homeplugs to a media player, poss Dune TV301 with a nice fancy front end like My Movies or Zappiti. At present I use PS3 to watch my DVD rips stored on my NAS.

What Have I Been Doing

Mainly used Acronis for backup but 2011/12 version has brought nothing but problems.
I probably have too many Blu-ray’s/DVD’s which once ripped will take me past the 2TB mirrored limit of my ReadyNas Duo. Plus the amount of Compatible HDD’s is now limited and quite expensive.

What are my Thoughts?

I have been thinking about buying the HP N40L Micro server, (followed topic on this forum) and using WHS 2011 with FlexRAID for protection and PC/Laptop BackUp. I would then use my 2TB external Hard Drive to keep a copy of my PC/Laptop BackUp as further protection.
Or, Should I just buy 2x2TB HDD’s and use them as a 2+2 = 4TB configuration knowing that’s as far as I can expand my ReadyNas Duo?

Your thoughts/ideas welcome


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niall campbell

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Just use the PS 3 to play your media

Up to you how big you need your NAS collection.

I would only back up your PC once in a while. If its important files , they can be stored in there own RAID Nas.

You could buy 4 TB for your media and use the 2TB for a RAID for PC. Just direct all your programmes to save direct on there


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One thought, there are lots of free image backup programs.

Best Free Drive Imaging Program

You can use one to image the desktop, I prefer imaging to backups. I am using Macrium reflect to image over a network.

If you have space the Microserver with 4 drives sounds good. I bought the synology 212j, it is smaller, but not very fast.

I think you could install xbmc to the microsever, use 4 disks for
media, with mirroring. I THINK you can add a 5th drive for the os/xbmc & backup(image) the laptop & desktop to that.

But I am no expert.

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