I just bought a Panasonic TX75JX900 and ..


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And... I am left with mixed feeling.
I was tossing the idea to buy a new 75inch led tv here in Tokyo and because of the steep prices here, much more then back home, I was left between Sony 8000h 2020 model, lg 75nanojpa 2021 and the Panasonic txj900 (2021).
And because the Sony is the absolute entry level tv, I though the Pana was a good compromised. The tv didn't come cheap, but I have to say I. Not I pressed with the performances. Or let's put it this way, I never went 'wow'.
The overall tv works well, but I am still unsure if the picture when watching movies on Netflix is the best as it can be. I have notice a lot of grainy type of textures when watching 'begter call Saul's on Netflix. The image doesn't really work well in dark scenes, leaving lots of dark/blue area which are supposed to be black. One colour in particular that struggle with is shades of red and pink. The I ages seems to me bit blurry and not quite sharp.
Since the lack of reviews on this particular model (Plenty of the j950 though,), I would be very interested in your opinions on this model and suggestions on how to get a better pictures, perhaps tweaking settings.
In addition to this....
I have installed Disney plus today to show my kids some classic Disney movie and with my surprises, when I start a new movie from that platform, I can see one fine black horizontal line for few seconds when the movie starts. It disappear after few seconds.
This only happens with the Disney plus pre installed app, and not for example with Netflix.

Lastly, the tv was delivered to me last week, there might be plenty of things I am missing, but I can tell I am not very impressed with it so far.
I am pondering on calling Panasonic to ask about the image and the. Fine horizontal line on my screen, but I will have to deal with Japanese customer services here which will be likely to be only in Japanese.. and since I don't speak the language, I was thinking this forum could help me in understanding but more about this model.
Thank you a lot :)



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I'm not familiar with this model but, out of interest, what's your viewing distance and are you watching in 1080p or 4K ?


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Incidentally - you've mentioned the model number a few times but I'm not sure you've got it correct. Do you you mean the 75JX900 ?

If so, that particular model isn't available in the UK so you'll probably struggle for any feedback as to what to expect from it. The closest UK equivalent is probably the 75JX940 but reviews of that model also seem to be few and far between, unfortunately.


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Thank you Mike, yes the model is 75jx900. The fact that it might not be commercialised in Europe nor America is part of the reason why I find it difficult for me to find reviews. I was wondering about that.
my viewing distance is 2m roughly.
I thought Netflix was automatically switching to 4k content tnwith a 4k tv, but I researched it and it might depends on speed connection. Which mine is high 150mb/s.


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2m is pretty close to be sat to a 75" TV so I guess any deficiencies in picture quality will be exaggerated when fairly close like that. Any model-specific issues aside - in terms of general picture quality, you should be OK with 4K but it's possible that 1080p will look a bit soft on such a large screen at that distance and any sub-optimal streaming bitrates may affect things further.

Netflix recommend a minimum broadband speed of 25Mbps for reliable 4K streaming here in the UK, so I would have thought your speed would be fine. You'd need to subscribe to their 4K package, of course. Pressing the TV remote's info button while watching Netflix should bring up the streaming info. 15Mbps seems to be the normal 4K bitrate in the UK at the moment.

FWIW, I haven't seem any issues like you ones you describe while watching Better Call Saul in 4K, but I'm watching a 55" OLED from around 2.7m away.

I don't know much about the model you have, but 75" LCDs start at around £750 in the UK so, at around £1900, I would expect the 75" JX940 (at between 2 to 3 times the price) to perform considerably better than the budget models !

I would first feed it as good a quality source as you can (4K Bluray or high quality 4K stream) and have a good play with the picture settings. Choose one of the Cinema or Pro modes and turn any unnecessary picture-processing options off, to avoid the risk of unwanted picture artefacts. If you've made lots of changes to the settings, then there's usually an option to return them to defaults or you could reset the TV to 'Shipping Condition' to start from scratch.


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Thank you Mike. As I mentioned in my first post picture is 'ok', but I think your point of being to close it might factor in the quality I am seeing. I am sure the streaming has something to do with it too, as it feels like 1080 dpi, hence why I see the shades of pink and red bit grainy.
It's a good tv, but the fact it's myhome screen 6.0 and bit clunky is not really making me jumping of joy. In Japan I have learner, sadly, TVs are much more expensive than back home. Weird really, I always thought here is much better to buy electronics.

One last thing about the line I see on Disney plus(and Disney plus only,). Do you think I should contact Panasonic or is something I can try to manage on my end? When I select a movie on Disney plus, as soon as the movie start for about 5nsecond I have a a grey horizontal line appearing after it goes it's back business as usual.


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A 75" TV at 2m is right in the middle of the 'Ultra HD Worth It' range on this distance chart, which is an indication that you should be able to appreciate the difference between 1080p and 4K. While this is great news for 4K content, I guess it might explain why HD doesn't look as good as you would hope. If the issues you're seeing aren't visible from further away, then I guess distance might be a factor ?

TV optimal-viewing-distance-television-graph-size.png

I can't advise on the Disney+ issue I'm afraid, but I haven't noticed anything like that on the app on both my Panasonic OLED and Fire TV Stick. If you're only seeing the issue briefly when starting to play a Disney+ movie and at no other times, then that does point towards the app as the cause of the problem in which case it sounds like a niggle rather than a deal-breaker to me, but only you can decide whether it's worth chasing up. While not ideal, an external streaming device might solve the problem and it's something that many do regardless of issues.


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Thank you Mike, I appreciate your answer.
Hopefully I can play around with the settings to improve the picture a little bit, but I won't hide the fact that I am contemplating to return it and buy a cheaper Sony 8000h. It would save me 400 bucks and hopefully the image isn't too different.
Thank you again ☺️

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