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I’ve got a TX-65FX700B, less than 2 years old. It’s been working fine, but recently we’ve had an issue whereby when we turn it on, we hear sound of the channel, but we get no visuals - just a black screen. Initially we’d turn it on and off again, then we’d be presented with a screen with blue and black vertical bars (see image) and then one more reset gets the TV working properly.

Once the TV is working it’s fine. But more recently, I’ve had to turn it on / off more than just once - sometimes 20 / 30 times before I get the vertical bars, followed by the actual picture.

I called Panasonic who told me to do a factory reset, which hasn’t improved things. I’ve also read online about unplugging it for a bit, but again, that doesn’t seem to help. It doesn’t seem to be a screen issue because once it’s on the picture is fine - it’s just getting it to turn on is difficult. Almost feels like it’s a software issue.

Panasonic gave me details of a vendor to carry out repairs, but they’re miles away and can’t see us being able to use them for the foreseable future given lockdown. I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems?

The TV wasn’t cheap, and to be malfunctioning in under 2 years is hugely disappointing!


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Less than 2 years isn't an acceptable amount of time for a new TV to last so my advice would be the same as I gave in this similar thread - read up on the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and contact the retailer to tell them you're not happy.

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