I have SKY HD less than a week and I cant record properly


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Im hoping somebody here can help me and save me a Sky Support call. I got a SKY HD box (Thomson) installed on Monday however I am having real problems with recording programs. I have to have a particular channel on in order to record it.

While the channel is recording if I switch to another channel I get a message that the 'satellite signal can not be received'. So it means that the only channel I can watch is the one I am recording.

Similarly if I am watching one channel and have set a program on another channel to record.. when I go to view the recording I get a message the recording has failed and when I hit the information button I get the same 'satellite signal' message.

I have tried recording just HD and then just SD, then a combination of both. I also tried manual recording but all have the same problem. Has anybody else have this happen to them and if so is there a way I can fix this?



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First off, I assume you have 2 Dish Input feeds ( ie two cables coming in from the dish) ?

If so, select Services, then System Setup and check Signal Strength. You should be getting two reasonable readings. Sometimes the second reading doesn't show till you force it to. It's important, otherwise you can't view one & record another at the same time.
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The new Samsung boxes sometimes require several restarts before the second input is detected. Try powering off completely (disconnect from the mains) and then turning back on again. That's how the engineer got mine working!


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