I have no digital audio input on my sony receiver STR-DB825 - Is there a solution?



I have just bought the daewoo DVD player DVG-6000D and now it looks like I can't have surround sound because my Sony STR-DB825 receiver doesn't has digital audio input (optical and coaxial) jacks and the daewoo only offers these outputs for cinema sound. Is there a solution for this problem except buying a new receiver or returning the DVD? Some sort of decoder?

Does the dvd have a decoder and 5 anologue outputs?

if neither have a DD decoder then your stumped. A decoder would only be off use if the dvd has a dig out and the amp has the 5 inputs.
The 825 is now quite old in terms of this fast moving technology and was manufactured before 5.1 sound became the norm.

If it doesn't have the necessary inputs I'm afraid that a new receiver is the only answer if you want to hear 5.1 sound in all it's glory.

Meanwhile you can use the audio outputs on the DVD player to listen to your DVDs in stereo or Pro Logic
Thank you for the fast reply.

My DVD has:
Both optical and coaxial "Digital Audio Out"
Receiver has:
5.1/DVD input: Front,Rear,center and woofer inputs.

I guess I need a Dolby Digital Decoder (AC3) isn't it?

Any suggestions?


You could change the the DVD player for one with an internal Dolby Digital decoder which will connect to your existing receiver but my advice would be to keep the player and buy a newer amplifier which now all have Dolby Digital and DTS decoders built in and then all of the technology will be up to date.

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