I have my budget, now I need your advice...!

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    Hello forum users,

    With this being my first post i'll try and make it a good one.

    I bought an iMac G5 just before Christmas and purchased Final Cut Express HD about 2 weeks ago. I would now like to buy a digital camcorder to capture directly into my Mac through a Firewire 400 connection. There are a few other features I would like as well...

    Microphone in would be a nice touch (i'm a music tech student, always after the best sound!)

    Analogue - digital converter (so I can record directly from my TV and old analogue camcorder)

    The highest pixel quality possible (all recorded work will end up in DVD projects)

    A still camera function would be nice but not a neccessity.

    A light of some kind for those extra dark situations! (no sexual references whatsoever please)

    That's about it. My budget is anything from £250 to £650. I have a few Sony models I am interested in, would like your advice on them, if you know if they're the latest models, good for what I need...

    £469 - http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/84593/art/sony/dcr-pc55-camcorder-black.html

    £612 - http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/84565/art/sony/camcorder-dcr-hc90.html

    £675 - http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/20360/art/sony/camcorder-dcr-ip55.html

    Thank you for your assistance!
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    A quick glance shows that the cheapest model doesn't have AV input but the other 2 do... so this should mean that you can plug your analogue video etc into the camcorder, this in turn converts digitally via firewire into the Mac and you can take 'digitised' footage from your analogue source. So the camcorder acts as the middleman taking analogue and converting to Digital DV and it does this live (well my JVC cam does) so no need to record onto the miniDV tape from analogue and then play it back into the PC.

    I'd personally not pay too much attention to the still camera features as they're not really any better than a £100 digital still camera... but it's a handy feature you might occasionally use.

    As for the rest, why not ask over at SimplyDV forums?

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