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I've given up on buying a new TV for now.

I was looking into buying a new TV after a previous settop box died. We have an old CRT (Toshiba 21V33).

However, the more I look into it, the more I think that now is the wrong time to buy.

I've noted Vicster on another thread saying that May is a bad time to buy, that December is a better time. That suggests waiting until later in the year.

While others consider LED backlights a minor detail, I do very much like the idea that I can buy a bigger TV that consumes less power. But, the LED TVs are new, and there's less choice. If LED backlighting becomes more widespread as older models get replaced, then that'll give me more choice.

I'd prefer something with Freeview HD. But, I've now read of DBook spec 6.2.1, and that not all TVs with "Freeview HD" handle surround sound of all formats properly. So, that's something for which I'd prefer to wait until it's properly sorted out.

Motion handling seems to be developing quick. I thought the Sony KDL32EX713 had good motion handling, but as in a previous thread, the brightness wasn't there. Looking at the better picture on the KDL32EX723 (albeit, that's a 3D ready TV), I think that waiting an interation or two might work to my considerable advantage. LCD screen technology seems to be advancing by leaps and bounds at the moment.

I'd like Internet TV, but again this seems to be in rapid development at the moment, and a few more iterations may provide more options. Though, I'm wondering whether having a simple TV and a fancy settop box is the best option, as then they can be upgraded independently. Looking at the development of the Humax boxes, with the "will they or won't they" concerning IPlayer access, then that's something I'd like to see resolved. So, waiting and seeing is the option there.

After looking at a lot of TVs in shops, it does seem rather quaint to be watching my CRT, but it does show SD content with a smooth image, and motion looks natural. Given that the vast majority of the content I'd be watching, particularly since it looks that my area may not have sufficient signal strength for the HD channels, will be SD, I don't want something that looks rough on SD. I could spend all that money and get a picture which is different, but not absolutely better in all respects.

What tipped the scales for me was seeing the ADB I-Can settop box marked down to £42 in Tescos. The alternative to buying a new TV was to find a settop box which had the correct options to show pictures on a 4:3 CRT without strange stretching, which it seems that not all settop boxes can. As it turns out, the I-Can, can.

I was tempted by a Sony KDL32EX401U (I think) in Tescos also marked down to £249. The advantage of Tescos is that they're very good about returning things if you don't like them. Their normal prices are not as good as some other places, but given that I go there for food, and they have what seem to be some quite good prices for remaindered (presumably) stock, then keeping an eye out for bargains seems to be yet another reason for "wait and see". I was tempted to buy one of the Technika USB recording TVs as on another thread here. They had an ex-display model marked down to £144. That again would be a stop-gap measure, but I imagine that if I upgraded, it would become a second TV for another room, kitchen or where-ever. Still tempted actually.

Hence I sort-of apologise for asking questions on here, and then backing out of a purchase. But, the information I've received here is useful, and I can now keep an eye out for a good deal (which I consider the I-Can box to be), and hopefully buy the right thing at the right time.
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