I have been banned from a forum!!!!


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I am a member of 3 car audio related forums. I was online found a forum which was charging people or asking for donations for codes to very common car stereos.

The forum stated... if you find the code has hep you you can make a pay pal donation.The pay pal details was a sticky and as it was not compulsory and " if this help you and you will be aware it cost around £15 for a decode you can if you want send us a donation".

Me being me, I "assisted" 10 members to find the codes for the stereo and offered the code generating program free via email if they wanted. No rule breaking as it was not in the rules.
Needless to say my ass was grass. :(

Stupid greedy people wont help nobody without making money.


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If the information is freely available online (which it is) these guys are just chancers! Drives me up the wall when I go and visit friends and they're made up because they 'saved' a fiver by buying information off ebay or some such lol

<edit> oh, and congrats on the ban, you're probably better off hehe </edit>


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Yeah. i cant understand why they would ban me unless they were "Making Money". Anyway i think i will stick with this forum. I know all the guys put up with my rants. Which byu chance i have never thank anyone :thumbsup::smashin:


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Sites like these are for peeps that can't use google, there is a market!



Maybe you could offer the same information to people on these forums?


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Hi Ayub,

Maybe you could offer the same information to people on these forums?

Yeah. We'll only charge a 5% commission rate, for any "business" you do on here! :rotfl:

But, in all seriousness mate, you're probably better off. If these people want to run a forum which is basically a place for people to be coerced into feeling that they must make a financial donation in order to remain a member, just because of one particular piece of advice or information (in this case, car stereo codes), then that forum deserves to be closed down.

At least with the AVForums, Stuart Wright has always been straight talking with the Forum members about what we can or can't do here, and the financial requirements of the forum (e.g. to keep it free, it has to have adverts, etc). This way, everyone knows where they stand, and there's no "I told you so" atttude going round.

Anyway, good to see you back here. Now where's that Blaupunkt, I just had.... :D



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I'm sure all here know that the Code for the m series Ford stereo is free. The Code is generated with software only. If anyone needs one ( subject to being a av forum members and the stereo is not pinched) I can give the code via the forum. :thumbsup:

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