I have about £400 to spend on speakers for my DA1200ES... Any suggestions?


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Hello all!

I just bought the Sony DA1200ES Amp and now i want speakers with it. I really don't want REAR speakers, so please don't advise me to get those. The whole set up should be good for playing music (even vinyl!!) but i would also like to enjoy as much as the 'surround' sound as possible for movies.

Please, anyone give me some suggestions!

Thank you!


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Thank you hornydragon for your quick reply.

I understand that i can't have 'real' surround. So, yes indeed i'm looking for pseudo surround speakers with some sort of 'virtual surround'. The reason why i bought this A/V amp is because i want to connect HDMI and Component equipment to it and have one central device for everything that makes sound and vision.

The reason why i don't want rear-speakers is because i'm in a rented house and i'm very limited when it comes to covering-up the wires that are needed for rear speakers....


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Hi Optimax,

I had just redecorated when I decided to do the home cinema thing, so my cabling options were limited. I used QED micro cable for the rear speakers, and just tucked it under the edge of the carpet. It's completely invisible, and very easily removed. Don't know if this might be an option for you?




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Hello all!

I wanted a 'central' station for all my entertainment. So i designed a set-up that fits all my needs in the most ultimate way. The choice of DA1200ES is not because i wanted 'fantastic surround sound', but it had to do mostly with conectivity and quality. I bought the Upscaling sony DVD player (with HDMI output) in the same colour but i also bought a brand new sony Turntable! Old vinyl records are getting back in my life, and the DA1200ES is one of the few Recievers that transports both PHONO input and HDMI to the same speakers! On top of that i also wanted my Nintendo Wii and the Mac Mini via component and HDMI(DVI) to join the club, and everything goes via one single HDMI cable to my 32" LCD screen. With this set up i have only 2 remote controls to operate, the DA1200ES remote and the the white one for the mac mini. DONE!

No.. not done... i needed the best speakers i could afford and get for SUCH an entertainment system, but i really didn't want all the hassle of rear-speakers! I want my life easy with quality, and i am sure that what i just created is going to be a very very nice set up that i can enjoy for a very long time.

I just bought my BOSE Acoustimass 5 Series III for my DA1200ES. I'm sure i did the right thing here. I know Bose is a very debatable brand here on this forum, but i still think that this combination is what i need.

Thank you all for helping me, i'm sorry i didn't choose any of your suggestions, but i do have learned a lot...

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