I have a few questions for those that have the Sony Bravia KDLW40A12U and Xbox 360.


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Any gamers here have a Sony Bravia KDLW40A12U model and uses the Xbox 360 and/or Xbox . I've also done searches but I can't seem to find the answers I need.

1: What is NTSC playback? Is it the same as NTSC Compatible?

2: I'm from the US and I was wondering does the picture downgrades when using a NTSC signal product?

3: Are there any ghosting and lag issues when gaming on it.

4: Are the Component inputs 50hz/60hz or are they just Component 50hz only?

5: Are there any LCD TVs in the UK that is better than the Sony Bravia KDLW40A12U?

I plan to use this TV for gaming (Xbox, Xbox 360, and Dreamcast) watching TV and watching DVD movies. All of them are NTSC products.


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NTSC playback means that it's able to play all NTSC sources as well as PAL. NTSC signals will not downgrade, but non-HD PAL ones should look better than non-HD NTSC ones due to the extra resolution and better colour system.

Component inputs have to be both 50Hz and 60Hz capable for any set to be HD-Ready. (which it is)

Can't help you with ghosting/lag, as I don't own one, but I imagine it will be fine. As for sets that are better; it's all subjective. Sony has the best blacks of any LCD I've seen, as it has a power saving mode that can bring the backlight right down. Sony has just announced a new 46" X series, which will likely be better, but cost an awful lot more. There is also a new V series; the KDL-40V2000U. I believe this will have a better set of inputs than the W40, and has the new BRAVIA Engine, instead of the WEGA Engine.

The W series will have a much better speaker system, but I believe that's it apart from looks.


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Thanks for the reply. Now that you mention it I think it would be better for me to go ahead and get a KDL-40X2000U instead because by the time I move there in December, Sony woudl most likely have discontinued them.

I have two more questions if you can answer them for me.
1: Will these new sets likely to support VGA? I noticed that they weren't listed in the KDLW40A12U specs although I coudl be wrong and you guys call them something else there.

2: What is VTA? I see it always listed but don't know what it means.


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I've just got an box and have been going around in circles re what to buy. I've finally decided on the new X series 40" as it has 1080p and Sept is the release date however it fits well with my home AV plans. If i were going to buy tomorrow it would be the Bravia V (new or old) or the Philips 32 or 37 9830 which are on par in my humble opinon but I don't like the actual design looks wise, but they both have ambilight, naff as it sound is really v.v.v.good.


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Thanks for that I wasn’t aware of the Philips issues, let hope they sort themselves out before the full Ambilight surround gets released!! As a large amount of my viewing is in a reasonably dark room it sounds like I would not have been too happy! Thx

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