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I have 5.1.2 but need power amp for 7.1.2. Advice / recommendations?


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I currently have a 5.1.2 setup, comprised as follows:

Anthem AVM 60 Processor and
Anthem MCA 525 (5-channel) driving my five speakers.
Anthem MCA 30 (3-channel) driving my two overheads.

As you can see, I have a spare channel on the MCA 30.

I have acquired 2 spare speakers to establish a 7.1.2 setup. If I were to sell or exchange my MCA 30, is there a suitable power amp that someone could recommend please that has a minimum 4 channels, purely for driving the overheads + 2 spare speakers (to bump it up from 5.1.2 to 7.1.2)?

I was checking specs on the MCA 30 - is there one that is similar? I know that the power amp doesn't need to be particularly powerful for the overheads and spares but welcome any thoughts / suggestions. The most obvious one I could think of was MCA 50 (5 channels) but it's difficult to find.

Specs of the MCA 30 here:


Or I could get another power amp altogether but I'd like to consolidate into a single power amp to drive the overheads and 2 spare speakers (to bump it up from 5.1.2 to 7.1.2). Just neater solution.

Thanks a lot.
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Emotiva do a 4 channel of the popular XPA series which is a similar power level

I use 2 XPA-5 Gen 3's (with an Anthem MRX 720) and they are great amps. Other than that Nord is probs your best bet


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Thank you - and I see that the Emotivas also support balanced XLR cables. I'll investigate - gives me something to look for now. Cheers, much appreciated.


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The XLR facility was what tipped it for me as it gave me the flexibility if i moved to a processor at some point in the future

I bought mine from Dan when he was at the movie rooms although he's now at the sound council in Edinburgh

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