I have $2,000 and need a TV. Help me.



Dear all,

I wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured I'd post it here. At any rate here is the story.

I have $2,000. I want a new tv. At least 42". I don't know if I want plasma or lcd, but with the diminuation of brightness with plasma, am leaning more toward LCD. But I am still on the fence about that (not set in stone).

Here is what I'll use it for:

-DVD watching movies (probably 50% usage in 16:9)
-DVD watching TV (1.33 aspect tv dvds like law & order, 40% usage)
-Rest, maybe 10% of the time, I'll watch HDTV with my bunny ears.

I do not watch regular tv whatsoever, cept when sourced from a DVD. However, a significant amount of my usage will be with material in 1.33 aspect ratio. I do not and never will use this for gaming of any kind like an xbox.

Now, I dont know if I'm leaving anything out, but most of the movies I like are "slow" and not action flicks, although I do own and love certain movies like braveheart and gladiator. Mostly I suppose the biggest factor is screen image quality.

So there you have it. Considering my needs and usage, what would you buy?

Thanks so much guys,



Oh yes, I sit 9' away, and viewing angle is not extreme from any vantage point from my furniture.


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