I have £400 max. I need a simple but effective camcorder JVC DVL160 or Panasonic DS30



I have read good and bad review about this camcorder. I only have a limited budget so I want the best for least layout. I have looked at JVC DVL 160 and Panasonic DS30; both are of a similar price. The JVC seams better built and looks better to me but the Panasonic has DV input that seems to be all-important in the forums. I just want a simple camcorder that I can trust to take reasonable pictures (indoors !! and outdoors) of the kids and parties etc. I nearly went for the Panasonic but someone in the forums said it was total rubbish. Please help, a £400 camcorder may only be rubbish if you are comparing to a £1000+ camera or is it really not very good?

I cannot find any reviews of the Panasonic DS30 so I am trusting in you lot!

Please compare like for like at my price point as £400 is all I have!

Many thanks

I have recently purchased the Panasonic NVDS30 - all I can say is absolutely brilliant. Picture and sound quality are second to none - even in a lot higher price bracket camera. It cost me £399 with free 48 hour delivery. I have captured images, edited them with Adobe Previer V6.02 brought the images back to tape and the quality is astounding.
Some reviews that I have read have been critical of the lack of feature - excellent pictures, excellent sound, zoom microphone, fully automatic or choice of manual shutter speed and aperture, white balance, optical and digital zoom, backlight, video light, zero lux infrared, six effects - what more do people want.
Serious editing is best performed in software anyway - dozens of features that most people never use are just a 'come on' for newbies - its got all that you will need.
I dont know who has said otherwise but I am one very, very, very happy user and I highly recommend it.
Hope this helps.

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