I Hate Suzie (Sky) TV Show Review & Comments


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Thanks Kumari, I'll be honest I wasnt planning on entertaining this but your review has me intrigued so at the very least I will try the first episode and see if it grabs us, certainly sounds an interesting watch.


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Thanks Kumari.

I have all eps lined up (in UHD if you have Sky Q), its getting some great reviews...


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Never even heard of it!

Not got NowTV at the moment, but will have a look at this when I have. I admit it's not my normal cup of tea!


I liked Piper in DoaCG. It took a couple of goes to be in the mood but when it struck home, I really enjoyed it - interesting to find out about the truth behind it all too.
I'll give this a go also.
Your bit at the beginning, Kumari, about female-led quotas being filled made me laugh, considering how the scales have swung much over the last few years - although less behind the camera.


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We have watched it all over the last 2 days (8 x 30 mins so quite easy), and both quite enjoyed it.

Don't think it's as great as some reviews are saying though. But still enjoyable.

Solid 7/10 from me.


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Very enjoyable, well written and good performances, especially from Piper and Ings. Look forward to a second series. This was one the other half picked to watch and we fired through it in two sittings.


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Enjoyed reading the review, but I got 4 episodes in the other day and gave up. My partner watched it all and told me what happened, so time saved in a 30 second conversation with my partner to explain the ending and the bit in the middle.


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Equally my Mrs wanted to watch this.
For me 2 episodes in and I was just bored with it so stopped there


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While I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who has been hacked and had their deeply personal information leaked for the whole world to see, I think any celebrity (or anybody come to think of it) has to be stupefyingly stupid to have sexually explicit/compromising photographs stored ANYWHERE, let alone where they can be hacked. No-one and I mean NO-ONE will EVER be able to hack and distribute such shots of me (even if anyone was in the slightest bit interested) as there AREN'T ANY. It's very simple. No compromising photos means nothing embarrassing to get leaked for the delectation of the sordid population of this planet.

Maybe it's just me, but it simply seems to me to be so obviously a dumb thing to do, especially if famous and with the world's media desperate to get hold of anything in order to trash your life. Anyway, why do it in the first place? Doesn't even sound like fun to me (the taking of the pictures I mean). Are they so vacuous that having such pictures taken is somehow seen as a worthwhile pastime. Really?

Despite my lack of sympathy, it may well be a good show and I'll give it a go.

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Going to give this a go. Been pondering on it. I can't decide whether I'm going to love it or what to chuck stuff at the screen at any daft decision. It strikes me it could be a marmite watch.


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It wasn't bad, improved towards the end, think it was ep 4 nearly had me turning it off,

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