I Hate Sharp and John Lewis !


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Just been to John Lewis in Oxford Street and seen the gigantuan 65" Aquos with a 1080i demo running on it.

Makes my 32" Aquos running Freeview absolutely tiny and sh!te !

Also looking at the rest of the Aquos range there was a 26", 32", 37" then the 45" all in a row. and even the 45" looked small when compared to the 65" !!

There was a disclaimer on the DVD/HVD player saying that the demo was Hi Def and that at the moment there wasn't a way of receiving Hi Def images or a DVD format to support it. Nice to know just before you part with your 14k for the unit :D


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Yes, but with HD-DVD this Xmas and Sky+ HD in Feb/Mar next year, gives people plenty of food for thought.
£14K though - would've thought that have been Harrod's domain rather than JL's.
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