I Hate PCs!!!


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hi, starting to experience some minor problems with my PC, i have winxp with a decent spec but recently upon startup it takes longer for the login screen to appear and im experiencing slow down when doing simple tasks such as opening Internet Explorer windows, it seems to be pre loading then suddenly loading. i regulary run disk defrag, disk clean up, anti spyware and anti virus software. my pc has 512mb ram, i just dont know why its slowing down, can anyone help?


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I have a couple of suggestions for you.

1) Go to http://www.windowsstartup.com/ amd download "Startup Inspector" This program will let you know all of the programs that are run when windows starts up. It will also tell you which ones you don't need and enable you to disable them. This might help speed up booting.

2) Go to http://www.pcpitstop.com amd run a full system check. This will tell you all sorts of things that may need attention and, if you register with them, allow you to compare your computers health in the future with how it is now.

Hope this helps.


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I've got an even better tip,

Get a Mac!

In all seriousness though have a look here,

Part I

Part II

They are articles about a die hard Windows user and how he got on with a Mac, and then switched! (Totally independent BTW nothing to do with apple!)


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There are pleanty of clean up programs out there - have a look out for spyware too, a copy of adaware, etc should help you out.

Macs are a good alterative, very pricey and limited upgradability. Personally I will always go with a PC as if there isn't any software I can find I just write my own.



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Macs are poo,

/looks at lovely looking mac

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