I had a Eureka moment last night..


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Whilst sitting down in the sunroom watching the Liverpool match on my 22" last night, I suddenly had the best idea (or what I think is anyway..)

My sunroom has two wooden beams going across the width of the room (approx. 10 feet apart). I thought, why not put a pull down screen behind one of the beams (the one closest to the door in the picture) and on the other, attach a digital projector.

Would the distance between the two work or would it be too close or far?

I mentioned this fantastic idea to my wife to which I got a stern "the beams are the nicest\tanding out part of the room....your not sticking some gaudy projector on them"

So is there any contraption that would allow me to hang the projector onto the beam, and then take it down as needed?? I have this idea in my head now and it wont go away :)


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There's no issue with the distance PROVIDING you get the right projector! Before even looking for equipment you need to measure the distance from back of the 'screen beam' to where you think the lens of the projector will be. This distance is critical if it's on the limit of the 'throw' on a given projector!

I suggest you use a 'throw calculator' such as the following...........
Throw Distance Calculator | Projector | Panasonic Global

It will return the 'throw ratio' for your room. Then go find a projector which includes your ratio! You will need a preferred screen size too!

there are lots of different mounts available but, trust me, your 'significant other' will hate all of them! Some have powered installs where the projector drops down from a trap door in the ceiling, very neat, probably costly and you need ceiling space.

My mate is forced to use a projector stand behind the sofa which he has to align each time he uses it! Guess what? It's hardly ever used! He bought a new projector over a year ago and it has less than 10 hours on the lamp.

I use mine every day and in 9 months I've clocked up some 800 hrs. My setup looks dreadful but then I don't have a woman to complain.

Good Luck.



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