I got rid of MK DD, am I considered an idiot?

Okay, about the end of November, I got rid of my copy of Mario Kart Double Dash for Zelda WW. Am I and idiot? I REALLY regret it as I miss it so badly. Sadly, gotta wait for a while until I get the right amount if money for it... Just answer my quesition please, am I an idiot??

i_like_it_cube (i_really_like_it_mario_kart)


Ok yes :p ;) :smashin:


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I got Mario Kart DD on day of release, and after a few days play I took it back and got F-Zero GX which i am still playing now


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YES your an idiot lol

you have got rid of a game in the most addictive series ever made :D


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I have bothm and enjoyed both, but on both, just get bored playing the same tracks over and over again! Just on different difficulties!


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Originally posted by Solar
YES your an idiot lol

you have got rid of a game in the most addictive series ever made :D
Surely that would have to be Sid Meier's Civ series?

I spent 8 hours yesterday playing Civ2!!

Maybe The Settlers 2 would count as well.. the countless hours I've lost playing that :rolleyes:

I will admit to many, many late nights playing Mario Kart though :)


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Originally posted by eviljohn2
I will admit to many, many late nights playing Mario Kart though :)
Tell me about it mate! I dont seem to have to bed before 4:30 am for almost a week.

Cube you are not an idiot, just young and foolish!
Has anyone unlocked all the levels yet? I only have 150cc on the all 16 tracks cup left... is there more to unlock? Surely one more battle zone.


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I've got all the levels. It's a bit of an effort though as you need to at least place in all 16 races.

Awards eventually come to:
Several new karts ;)
2 new sets of drivers
2 additional battle zones(the last one is insane!)
New title screen

I'm also told that if you get REALLY high lap times on the time-trials you can unlock the staff's best ghosts for the relevant track. Not bothered with that though.
It's true! I am an idiot! I got quite far and all... New karts, Toad and Toadette, All Cup Tour mode as well... Still had much to learn. Never even played Time Trial... That does it! I'm either gonna get a copy for my Viewtiful Joe or buy one as soon as I have the cash!
Yes I am an idiot! PLUS, I wish my Dad would leave me alone on these forums... I don't go butting in on this threads and saying stuff now do I!?


Time for you to password protect the PC, Army Bloke.

Or maybe the electricity supply.
Password? How about no?? I'm gonna regret saying this later cos my Dad always browses these forums after I've gone off. It seems that the only way I can get Mario Kart now is to...

1. Sell my Cube and get the Mario Kart Bundle

2. Trade Viewtiful Joe for it (which I personally hate!:thumbsdow )

Well this is suicide... :suicide:

I think I'm gonna ask my Dad even though he's gonna post later and say "NO!!!"

i_like_it_cube :rolleyes:


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Just get rid of your cube altogether and get a SNES with a copy of Mario Kart...surely one of th ebest games ever and the best MArio Kart game by far!
Got a SNES AND Super Mario Kart. Double Dash and 64 are THE best though. SMK sux.


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Double dash. Is that the one on the gameboy advance?

Thats the best mario kart game i've played also i think.


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I hated the N64 version - it had the pointless slow car boost so that when you were in the lead you could not stop people catching you up! You couldn't turn this off either. This meant that basically you were penalised for being in the lead as you also got rubbish weapons. Dire game! Whilst the SNES version has pants graphics now it's still the best!


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I am trying to get hold of a snes and mario kart at the moment, but dont want to use ebay. Anyone got one they want to sell
Use Ebay mate. Trust me, sometimes I wish a were old enough to be a member cos I've seen so much good stuff go. You can get REALLY good SNES bundles on there.


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Best thing about MK:DD is when playing with mates, certaibnly beats playing on your own.

Brilliant game, can't get enough. :D

(Played in modeation is best, too much is boring as with all games, don't want to over play things.)

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