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I Got My Wii From OXford Street Today!!!



After getting a tip-off on here last night about Game in Oxford Street possibly having some stock in today, I went down there at about a minute past 9am. It was not packed packed but there were quite a lot of people in there. I asked the guys at the door if they had any Wii's in and they said yes. They also had all the major games e.g. Zelda.

The small ('work-aroundable') snag is that you have to buy one of three bundles, the lowest priced being £259.99 for a Wii with two games of your choice which is fairly reasonable (not forcing people ala Toys' R Us to buy **** games). I bought this package, choosing Zelda and Red Steel (yes, I know...). Considering Wii Sports comes pre-packed, I really didnt need any other game besides Zelda and I just don't have money to throw around on games I don't want. Thankfully, Game bill each item separately on your receipt so it is easy to return anyone of them separately without any problems i.e. it being a 'bundle'. So once I reached closer to home, I popped into my local Game and got a full refund on Red Steel; leaving my total spending on the day being for RRP Wii and RRP for a game.

I really feel good for holding out and buying instore. I had many late nights on eBay hoping to get one. The prices were just ridiculous. My advice is to keep trying...it seems Game is the place to be wherever you are in the country, since they seem to have had some stock in everyday this week so far. Just make sure you get there early when they open. If you live in or around London, then get down to Oxford Street when the shops open, as not only Game had some but apparently so did Virgin Megastores.

Good Luck and thanks to those who have been updating everyone.


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I got mine from game today and never had to buy a bundle I could of just brough the consol alone. But i also got wii play too or is it wii sport so i can get a extra remote and few other little games

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