i got a 2.80 psp need a walkthru for playing stuff with the apps out there...


captain kirk

without making it look like **puiracy** - which im not trying to do at all... yadda yadda yadda...

I take it now they brought out an app that allows files to be used on my 2.80 psp? ive been out of the loop for say 2 months now, so can anyone tell me of a walkthru and the apps i need to say play anything on my psp that isnt on a umb.. if you know what i mean?

cant word it any other way.. sorry.


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hmmmm, i have no idea as to what you're on about with these files that aren't on a umd?

if you're talking about iso files, then as long as you own the umd that you took a copy of the iso from, then it ain't illegal to play them ...

unless you're talking about homebrew software, which isn't illegal either, as it's just software which people have created and released under the gnu free license... Unless you're on about emulators, and you have roms which you don't own...

Anyway, to boil it down, seeing as you're on 2.80, you can't really do much.

you can run something called eloader which now apparantly works on 2.80, but all that can do is play *some* homebrew. You cannot play any isos from memory stick, or downgrade...

So maybe you should post a little more about what you're trying to do, or read up more on what you can do with 2.80 firmware

NB. All of this is assumed on what I'd read up until a few days ago. So if someone has released a 2.80 hen or something, then accept my apoligies, but if there's been no new news other than the ta-082 *apparant* downgrader, then I think I'm correct ;)

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