i got 2 grand ....


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A few beers ,some crisps or popcorn and your chosen DVD

and go and see what your eyes like best

i like the Panny TH42PE 50
but have to wait for a while for a will to pay out

but this is about £1400 or so
lots of new DVD s for XMas with the change !!


Get onto John Lewis Liverpool and get them to pricematch Hi Fi Confidential in London for the PV500 £2049.

I did just that today,will arrive a week on Wednesday :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


im just lookin to get a plasma telly.. the whole works......

i dont know [EDIT by mal600908: No swearing, please read forum rules] about them though ... would apreciate a few recomendations to start me off on my own research nicely!

ty for your time.


Sorry FJ...I was being daft....I have the Panasonic 42PV500 and Ive found it to be an absolutely cracking tv...you can get it around the 2 grand mark depending on where you go and what you want to go with it stand wise...also consider Panasonics other TVs such as the PE50...its non hi def sibling thats about a grand cheaper i believe...also I hear good things about Pioneer Plasma so theres another one to check out...best of luck


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....got to make a stand for Hitachi.....go get a 42PD7200, you won't be disappointed. Great screen, great sound, great connectivity, futureproof... and the real clincher is the remotely adjustable swivel stand. Talk about toy's for the boys!

Guess the moral of this story is now you've got some suggetsions get yerself down to a shop (I went to John Lewis), and have a look at some of the suggestions given on the forum. Then let your eye's/ear's/wallet/wife(?) make the decision!


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Definitely!! A 42PD7200....at that budget and you you will also have a couple of quid left to buy some DVDs too!!

Cheerz :hiya:


wonderloaf said:
....got to make a stand for Hitachi.....go get a 42PD7200, you won't be disappointed. Great screen, great sound, great connectivity, futureproof... and the real clincher is the remotely adjustable swivel stand. Talk about toy's for the boys!
Another vote for the Hitachi - whichever, though you can't beet the 7200.


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Flamejob, I would say that all the suggestions made so far are worthy of investigating.

Here are somethings you might want to consider when investingating:-

1) Do you want a TV or a Panel - TV is all in one i.e. Tuner, speakers etc. Panel is like a PC Monitor, you would need to have Sky or a Set top box, you would need an AMP and speakers to get sound. The screen is half the experience, if the sound is no good then the experience is poorer.
2) Are you after HD Ready or an SD screen that is HD Compatible ok? Simply put, HD Ready screens have more pixels than the HD Compatibles. HD Compatible will display a HD signal but will scale it down. Suggest you do a search and read up on the difference between High Definition Ready, Standard Definition but HD Compatible. HD Ready usually comes at a premium and if it doesn't then there is usually a reason.
3) The popular brands on the forum are (in no particular order) Pioneer, Panasonic, Hitachi, LG and Samsung. There are others but these seem to get the most "air time".
4) The sources e.g. Tuners -Sky, Set top boxes, DVD, DVDR play a large role in the quality you get out of the screen, as does the way you connect - Scart vs component etc.. (I found this the hardest part to get to grips with and I'm only really confident of my own setup).

Hope this little lot helps you think through what you are after, the search function works quite well but there are loads of really helpful people here that can help answer questions you might not be able to find the answers to.

Enjoy the research, it's all part of the fun.


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You aren't comparing like for like. The Hitachi is a TV the PHD8 a panel. If you want to make a comparison to the Hitachi you should compare the PV500 from Panasonic as that is also a TV.

As for the PHD8, it is supposed to be one of the best HD panels at the moment. I have a PWD8 and it is bloomin marvelous, understand that the PHD8 is as good with SD sources and should be great with HD, ask folks like MEP and Gizlaroc what they think of them.


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The PHD8 is fantastic but I haven't really seen the Hitachi well enough to compare. FJ, read through Phil's post on the previous page and figure what you are interested in and go see them, loads ofpeople will tell you their screen is best, but that's not really very helpful to you as you'll be teh one watching it.


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flamejob said:
what dya think of this deal;


... i know its ebay but its not a private seller but genuine retailer... 3 yr warranty too!

and what about the 'panasonic TH-42PHD8' ... how does it compere to the hitachi!

thanks again for your time.....
Got mine for almost the same price fromthe dreaded Richer Sounds, hired a van and picked it up myself.

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