I, Frankenstein 3D Blu-ray AVForums Review


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I firmly believe that in years to come, this review will serve as the standard by which all truly incoherent PoS films should be measured.

For this reason, the readers of AV Forums award this review, a reference status badge...

Superb review Cas :rotfl:


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I, Agree


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Awful, Truly one of the worst films I have ever seen!

Which is a shame as it had some very decent actors in it!


Liked it :cool: had a underworld vibe


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stopped it 30seconds after pressing play.


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Is it a total loss? Are there any tits in it at all? ;)


I, Think I'll Pass.


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Liked it :cool: had a underworld vibe
Underworld is one of the few movies so bad that I walked out of the cinema. Every copy of those stinkers should be buried in a very deep and very remote hole, then the memories of everyone involved in said disposal selectively wiped for the benefit of future generations.

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