I found my Atari Lynx!


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During my annual trip to the loft to get the christmas tree I came across a bag full of bits, In it I found my old Atari Lynx hand(s) held gameing system! The last time I saw it was about 6 years ago! and it works! The games are here too;

Awesome golf
Blue lightning
California games
Hard drivin
Gates of zendocon

This thing was way ahead of its time and has only just been surpassed with the GBA. What a blast! Time to catch a few more California waves. :D

Glenn Keen

Ha, a man with taste!

Still got my Lynx too! Plus all of those games except Electrocop, what's that like?

Still got my other Atari stuff as well! From 2600 VCS to ST. :)

So enjoy the best of all the old Hand Held consoles!

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