I finally made up my mind


Cynthia 7

After agonizing and deliberating for over a year I finally ordered the 36PW9618.

I rang Hi-Spek at lunchtime and it's coming on Thursday! I eventually decided on this firm as they have two men to deliver (and they confirm this is definite). Their five year warranty (£189) gives you in home service from day one. I also got them to confirm that it is a brand new television in an unopened box.

I well remember us carrying our expensive 33" Grundig in a wheelbarrow to the car My husband was pushing and our two sons were holding it in. Somehow it fell out on to a concrete path and apart from a small scratch on the screen it survived!

I am feeling so elated, I just hope I don't confront all the problems associated with this model. But there, that could happen with the other makes too. Wish me luck!
deliberating for over a year??? wow, i wish i had that much patients. i usually end up getting frustrated with the whole process and just buy a tv cos' i can't wait any longer. i then of course end up with a tv a don't want and have to go thru the whole "return" nightmare. i then repeat the process 3 or 4 times till i'm so distraught i just end up quivering in a corner at very thought of buying a tv:(


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Extended warranty
My next door neighbour has just bought the 32" 9308 Pixel Plus for £688 from Sound & Vision. I presume the price for this model is getting lower because mark 2 Pixel Plus is coming out this month £1100 ?.
He was quoted about £150 for extra 4 years warranty by S & V.
I rang Domestic and General-they wanted the same.
On the net I checked and he bought the same warranty (underwritten by D & G) for £107. from a firm called Warranty Ex.
Worthy of checking before you buy.

Cynthia 7

Thank you Paul for the good luck. The smilie face is just how I'm looking right now. I hope it doesn't change after tomorrow's delivery!

I know you're a Sony expert, you must be thinking "She's made a big mistake"! I do need your luck but I must think positive.

Hi Weyland-Yutani, I really chuckled at the thought of you quivering in the corner at the prospect of buying another tv!

I do sympathise though as I have spent sleepless nights, grinding teeth, etc. during this past year as I vacillated between one set and the other. I mainly wanted the Philips set but when I came to this forum last year I saw a huge thread of Pixel Plus problems. So I have been reading about every television in a quest for perfection!

Isn't ignorance bliss really? Most of the public just wander into Comet or Currys and pay for whatever they like the look of. Probably don't even realise they have a faulty television unless it's glaringly obvious. You are so brave to venture into "returns" territory, I can imagine the hassle involved is horrendous! I do hope you're happy with your current television or are you biding your time for another "returns" adventure!!!!

Hi Neil,

Your neighbour has had a really good deal there. I noticed the 32" models had been reduced, sadly not the 36" PW9618.

What a brilliant site, the Warranty Ex, amazing prices there.
Since they are underwritten by Domestic and General there can be no risk in purchasing through them, so there would be no nasty shocks if they went out of business. I presume the price of the warranty is proportional to the price of the television. Unfortunately I bought my warranty when I purchased my tv on Monday.

I expect my next television will be a plasma or lcd in ? years time. I hope Warranty Ex. will be around then!


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Hi Cynthia,
I've been following your posts with more than just a passing interest. As my previous TV has all but given up the ghost, I found myself like you drawn towards the Philips 36PW9618.
I was on the verge of placing an order untill I came upon this Forum and read 1 or 2 detrimental reports.
Would love to hear what your opinion is of it once you get it up and running.

Paul Atreides

If you're happy with your choice of TV then don't worry about it.

Hope it's problem free, you're a nice person and deserve a reliable TV.

Cynthia 7


Thank you for such nice words, they put a smile on my face.

I actually have been smiling most of the time all weekend as I have been so thrilled with my new Philips television. I am hoping it will stay that way and, as you said, be problem free and a reliable tv. There is always the proverbial fly, however, I cannot get the rear wireless speakers to work, but once I have bought a stereo cinch cable I can hard wire them. The television sound, nevertheless, is really excellent.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Cynthia 7

Hi effinjamie,

Your experience is the same as mine. When my Grundig finally screeched to a standstill in the summer of last year (and the tuner had been defunct for ages, we watched it via the v.c.r. tuner) I decided to get the Philips PW9618. I came to this forum and was frightened by the problems encountered by some of the members with the Pixel Plus televisions so put it on hold. I did try to order it once but they were then out of stock so decided to wait until this year's model was available. When I found recently there was no new 36" Pixel Plus I decided to order the PW9618. These are my experiences since it arrived last Thursday.

I am thrilled beyond measure with this television. It's appearance is attractive, the sound excellent even without the wireless speakers. The picture is breathtaking, so clear and natural. The wireless speakers are not working, possibly as I have a cordless phone very near and some Polk speakers maybe, although they are not connected. These wireless speakers can be hard wired very simply to the rear of the television from the wireless receiver box with a cinch cable.

I may have been lucky to receive a perfect specimen of this model, but I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Everyone who's seen it has been wishing they had one (including a recent PD30 owner). I have been playing with the settings and will probably continue to do so, it's all part of the fun!

Go for it effinjamie, I hope you will be as enamoured with this television as I am. Good luck that it will be a good one or you will be chasing me off this forum!

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