I finally did it! Pannasonic TH-42PH9 on order...


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Well, after years of holding off, I finally took the leap and ordered a new big flat 'TV'. :thumbsup:

Three years ago I thought I would get a Plasma but was put off by the low quality and high prices, so I waited for LCD technology to improve. Lately I've been waiting for 1080p displays at reasonable prices! and I finaly realized that these things are now like computers. Everyday they improve and the price drops -long gone are the days when you would keep a TV for 10years. Therefore, after finally being fed-up with my 20inch LCD, I took the plunge and got a 42" Panny PH9 based on all the great things I have heard and read about the PH8, combined with the great deal that AV-Sales.com (Kent Home Cinema) was offering.

I really, really wanted to get the Fujitsu 58 series but I just could not justify the circa 1200£ premium considering both displays are basically already out-of-date (1024x768).

So that's my story... I hope I did the right thing...I can't wait for it to arrive and hook up SKY HD.

If anyone has any advice for my new rig -i.e. brun-in, etc., please let me know.



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Good work. Make sure you come back and let us all know what you think of it.


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I'm waiting for miy PH9 too. 2-3 more weeks.....(Can't really wait for PH10 or PH11...-can we?)


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I waited from the 6 to the 8 ie phd8 and love it to bits !
the best bit is how damm good standard sky looks thru a scalar on it :D
you will never regret this purchase


I've also ordered through av-sales and can't wait for it. I think if you read enough reviews and opinions you'd never buy a plasma!

The initial opinions from the American avsforums seem generally very positive and I think the TV should be at least as good as the 8 series.

I'm just planning the usual run in with 50% or less contrast, cinema mode and lowered brightness etc for the first 200 hours. Also, going to keep away from aspect ratios that give the black bars and too many logo's!

Does anyone have a date for delivery yet?


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I was told by AV-Sales that they might start arriving by the end of this week :clap: However, I don't know how far down the waiting list I may be :lease:

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