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I don't know what to get!?


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Hi there guys

My names Michael, and i've just joined up as a friend told me there's an obvious hi class knowledge of av (think the website address gives it away to be fair!)

Basicly i'm in need of some av help. In the next 3 weeks, I would like to purchase the following as i'm in need of a new setup. I've never really bought a half decent tv ect, so thought I might treat myself. What I need, consist of the following:

-TV (so lcd, led, 3d maybe but don't think a decent 3d tv will come into budget)

-Bluray player (would like it to have good compatibility with different types of disc reading)

-I am also going to buy the new xbox with kinetic, charger dock for controllers, and maybe another controller)

My budget for everything-£1300-1500

Now Im sure you guys have this all the time from newbie's so I do apoligise, but I really have no clue about av etc. But I do know I would like to have the following in the tv:

-full HD
-4 hdmi imputs
-37'' or 40'' would be fine.

Also I don't know much about hdmi cables, so would it be worth purchasing decent ones for the blue ray and xbox, as im guessing (and this is a guess) that the idea of a decent hdmi is so that it can send HD signals faster to the tv, therefore keeping the quality consistant?

If anyone could help me or point me in the right direction to what is the best out there for my budget, that would be nice.




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Right after a little look through the friendly world of the web I'm guessing these would be the better of the tv's to look at in my budget:

-Sony KDL37EX503U

-Sony KDL40EX503U

-Panasonic TX-L37G20BA

Obviously if anyone knows of better brands of tv then i'm all ears, but from experience we've always stuck to sony or panasonic. We have a new samsung 40 inch back lit led in the living room, and it died after 3 weeks of having it!




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Also for the blue ray player, I think this model seems to be pretty good. If anyone knows any better though that would be nice:



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Ok this is the setup, I think I might go for:

Sony KDL40EX503U-£699.99

Sony BDPS370B.CEK-£129.99

2 x Monster 1000 1m cable-£119.98

Xbox 360 250GB with kinetic-£249.99

1 x Black xbox controller-£29.99

Nyko charge base block-£17.99

Xbox live gold-£34.99



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Don't bother spending oodles on HDMI cables, they do the same thing - save yourself £100 (assuming that's what those hideously overpriced monster jobbies are)


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Word of warning...Kinetic is crp, do you have a big room? youll need onen:thumbsdow

I worked on Kinectimals, great game, especially the graphics :D hardware tho is crp, we had it for months and you need one big room.:facepalm::laugh:

+ Monster cables a lot for nuttin, I spend 15-20 ond HDMI cables, you can spend less, many do.
Ive tested an £80 HDMI and it was no beter than a £14.99 job I had.
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For a good gaming tv with low input lag, have a look at the Samsung LE40C530. If you don't mind plasmas, the Panasonic G20 is supposed to be very good.

Have you considered a Plastation 3 for Bluray?

As Vickster says, don't wast your money on expensive HDMI cables. Mine cost about £1.50 each from Amazon and are no different to a £50 Chord one, that I own.


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Cheers guys for the imput. Like I said I dont know much about tv's etc, so cheers about the hdmi cables. Its funny how they can charge so much and yet it makes no different.

I'm an xbox person through and through, but I do have a ps3 already. Im only buying one bacause my old xbox just died, so sort of makes sense.

As for the kenetic, It would be rude not to have one. There not exspensive, so I don't see the benefit of not having one as im upgrading the xbox.

Cheers guys for the imput!


Have a look here for some tv reviews: Click

These are the HDMI cables I use: Click - Oh, and have a read of the reviews at the bottom of the page.
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