I don't know if I should be scared or impressed.


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I just tried this interesting piece of software that reads the location information from your iPhone/iPad backups, and then plots it on a map.

It appears that you can trace your 3G usage - I would say there are some places missing from here, and it obviously doesn't use wifi because I have used it several times overseas that are not recorded.

To try it, you'll need a Mac - and an iPhone or iPad.


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I've being playing with google-latitude - does something very similar - used it on my android - accurately played back my journies at fast-forward speed, and worked out where 'work' and 'home' were :eek:

Did kill the battery somewhat though.

<re-reads post> Okay, different-but-similar.


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Just realised that this only covers the period from December 10 - April 11. You can go through the timeline to isolate individual backups.

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