I can't see a specific site since 17 June (approx)


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Been doing a bit of simple work for my daughter on a charity site on WordPress.
Now (since 17th June approx) cant see the site or the WordPress admin unless I access via VPN?
This is on Win 10 PC and iPads on my network. Asus AC1900 Media hub 3 in modem mode.
I'm no tech head so keep it simple
I've fiddled with different DNS servers settings with no luck.

It can be seen by everyone, not on my network/system. The site is adhdsurreyuk.co.uk
I'm starting to wonder if maybe an ISP issue?
VIRGIN in this case
Everything else is fine as far as I can tell.
Thanks in advance.


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A lot of the big ISPs like virgin block sites automatically. Unfortunately they tend to way over the top on what they block and it's often not obvious how to get mistakes corrected. An ADHD charity is exactly the sort of thing that can get blocked incorrectly.

So if you haven't already the first thing I'd do is turn off the website blocks on your Virgin account:
How to use Web Safe | How to Turn it Off | Virgin Media

If you regain access to the website I'd suggest finding a way to report the error to Virgin media as it'll be affecting other visitors from that ISP too.


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It's not the ISP.
I'm thinking DNS and as the VPN sorts it.
I think it also has to be at my (Asus AC1900) router end as the issue is PC and iPad.


If you can access it via a vpn or via a 3G/4G mobile device - ie with a change of IP address - then it points to your ISP (Virgin) blacklisting the website despite being a non harmful website. This is assuming that you can't access it on any device connected to your router. There’s nothing unusual about this as totally innocuous websites end up being blocked by the blocking filter deployed by the major ISPs. You need to let your ISP know if this is the case.

I should also add, probably worth doing a router reset in case anyone has been messing around with its settings. On some routers you can blacklist a specific URL/website.
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It was a problem with ADHD site hosters and incorrect email password.
their software treated it as a hacking threat. :nono::facepalm:

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