I cannot decide which TV to buy - Help please.



Hello everyone at the AV Forums.

I'm very nearly ready to make my leap into the world of HD and I'm torn between three TV sets. One a CRT, the other two LCD's. Basically I would like to know overall which set is the best as I'm hearing vastly different things about the advantages and disadvantages about the two technologies. I will be using my TV for Standard Definition television via Virgin Media but I will also be hooking my PS3 up via HDMI for both gaming and watching Blu-Ray movies.

I'm by no means a technical expert but I do have a decent level of knowledge in regards to these two technologies.

Firstly, the Samsung WS32Z419D CRT. At first glance I thought this would be the answer to my needs, the best of both worlds, but I've read nothing but trouble with this particular set. Issues with HDMI, geometry, buzzing noises. Those particular posts were quite old-ish and I'm wondering if Samsung have perhaps improved this set with a firmware update? The price point is obviously the most attractive point of this set. But I'm also under the impression that CRT technology is still better than LCD technology in many ways apart from the Geometry issues?


Secondly, the Polaroid FLU-3242 32" LCD. Again, this to me is a very attractive set due to it's price point compared to it's features. Never one to shy away from less established brands outside of their own industry's, I am still a little reluctant.


Lastly, the TOSHIBA 32C3030D 32" LCD. I would imagine out of the three TV's that this may be the most reliable and best quality set. It is of course a little more expensive but I'm willing to part with my cash if it's considerably better than the previous sets I've linked to.


Oh, and one last question. I believe that I'll be happy enough with 720p but I've seen a few cheaper sets boasting 1080p starting to come onto the market. How vast is the difference between 720p and 1080p and would it warrant a reason to hold out a little bit and opt for a 1080p set?

I appreciate anyone who takes their time out to answer this, as it would be a great help for me.

Thanks everyone,



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I have just bought the Toshiba to use with my PS3 and after a week I am very pleased with it.Nice to see What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision has given it a 5star rating and for as little as £520 I think it is a bargain.


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I work in a well known electrical superstore and with regards to the Samsung CRT I wouldn't touch it with someone elses bargepole, let alone my own.

I reckon that about 75% of the ones we have sold have come back to us and the picture looks really poor through HD.

As far as the polaroid is concerned I was suprised, It had superb connectivity (twin HDMI's) yet the contrast and colour was dissapointing.

Personally i'd pay a bit more for the Tosh, we have it in store running through Toshiba's HD DVD player and the colour, contrast and sharpness is spot on.


£520 for a 32"! thats the price im looking at paying for a 26"!

1080p would make a big difference from 720p, but it depends if you want to watch blu-rays on the TV, or just play games and SD. most games only support 720p, but all Blu-ray and HD-DVD support 1080p, but some say it makes SD look worse.

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