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Basically, I treated myself to an upgrade from an iPad air 2 to an iPad pro 11inch. Originally, I shouldve bought it for when I was actually doing classwork and note taking it is a wonderful screen size. However, I hardly seem to need such a screen size these days. Is there anyway of getting an exchange and or full refund for the product? Plus it also has a crack right by the home button that goes on the corner of the screen. I also misplaced the apple pencil that costed an extra 100 or something quid. The more I use the iPad the more frustrating it is to actually use and so I would like to either get a full refund for it somehow and or exchange it for an iPad mini and get a refund for the apple pencil that I didnt even need to purchase.

I originally put a glass screen protector but it is still a horrible device to look at or even write on whether it has a screen protector or not, no I wasnt interested in buying a paper like screen protector. Plus it seemed such an expensive upgrade as well with all the extras that I didnt realise how much it costed and how much the apps actually cost these days to even use. Notability somehow thinks notetakers should pay subscriptions for their extra features and goodnotes well I dont like the app either. Even that was an extra cost on top of the purchases I already made and I have had to ask for a refund for various apps such as procreate because im crap at drawing too. So like what is the point of me using or keeping such an overpriced device?

We went to the apple store to look at them first then ordered the iPad online because I thought I would need the screensize but I really dont. I realise I shouldve saved some cash and just bought the iPad mini but even so when you add all the extra things you need to even use the devices it makes it seem pointless.


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Your only option is to contact Apple and ask but they won’t let you exchange it if you've damaged it (the crack).


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Apple will refund no questions asked within 14days as long as still in good condition but unfortunately you've not looked after it and cracked the screen so you'll need to sell elsewhere. Wanting a refund for something you've lost is hilarious!


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Apple are really supportive I've found but no chance of them taking a cracked one back and even less for refunding something you havnt got, I'm tempted to think this isn't a serious post.

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No point replying, the guy asked for his forum membership to be deleted when no one answered his post after 14 minutes.

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