I bought it now I need some advice



Hi Folks

I’ve just taken the plunge after months of deliberation and bought a Toshiba Strata 32ZB29B idtv with open stand and F & R speakers

The main reasons for purchase were glowing reviews from web and magazines,

It has just about everything on it I need.

My wife Likes it (very Important)

And last but not least a cracking price £600+VAT from Makro, in fact price seems so good I talked my Dad into buying one as well. The closest price I found on the web was Digital Direct at £750 delivered, all others are around £1150 and I think it first sold at £1600 when first introduced.

I have just been having a good play with settings to get to grips with the set and first impressions are encouraging.

If any one has advice on connections/settings etc. so I can get the best out of this set that would be great, also if there are any known issues/flaws I should keep an eye out for. I have had a quick look for the service manual but can’t find anything so if I could be pointed in the right direction........

I'm not that bothered about the freeview service as I use Telewest's cable service (pace box)

Other inputs are an oldish Panny nicam Video (NV HD640) and a Pioneer DVD player 454 that had previously been running through the Pioneer VSX-C300 av receiver (now redundant or is it? You tell me).

I think that the Tosh's sound should be big enough for the room it's in.

Sorry to rabbit on a bit :boring: but thanks in advance for any help.

trevor g

owned a few tosh tvs found very little to moan about?


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The usual toshiba flaws are green trails on credits (light on dark) and dark strips on sides noticeable on large expanses of the same colour (eg football field). Straightness of geometry can also be problematic, especially at edges and corners.

For settings use THX optimizer on Monters Inc, T2, Attack of the Clones, Nemo etc, or buy the Avia disc in powerbuys section of the forums. Generally you should turn contrast down so as it's not blinding, turn brightness down to get rich, deep blacks, adjust colour for natural skin tones and turn sharpness down to avoid ringing, halos and processed look. "Progress" screen mode probably offers the best picture.

Best connection for dvd is component, next best is RGB scart. Use optical or coax digital for sound from dvd player. Don't spend too much on cables. B&Q sell decent low cost scart cables and there are a couple of good ebay stores selling a variety of good value cables.

Most people will tell you a separate av receiver is better than interal tv amp, but it's up to you to decide.


Thanks for the feed back bobones, I tend to buy mid-range inter-connects from CPC and have noticed an improvement in quality over the supplied cables but obviously with mega-bucks cables you reach a point where price doesn't justify a negligible improvement (damn that law of diminishing returns)

I haven't noticed any green trails on credits at all or any dark stripes however there is a very slight inward bend on LH side vertical lines only really noticeable on a 4:3 broadcast.

I am undecided at the moment whether to use the Tosh sound and speakers or to carry on using my existing av receiver and speakers

I used the THX optimizer on T2 and found that my previous adjustment wasn't far out at all :)

After using THX on T2 I watched the film. When starting the aspect ratio gives me a wide screen box in the centre of the screen so I scroll through the options and settle on cinema mode to give me the fullest picture but during some but not all chapter changes the picture reverts to the starting image and I have to manually select the aspect ratio again.
The DVD is connected with scart at the moment any thoughts before I start messing :confused:


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The problem is being caused because your dvd outputing in 4:3 mode.

If you go into your dvd players setup menu, their will be a setting for your tv type which will presently be set at 4:3. Once you change this to 16:9 your tv should default to the correct ratio when watching widescreen dvd's.

On top of this, you should notice an improvement in picture quality, as zooming a widescreen picture, which your tv is currently doing, results in a noticeable decrease in resolution. When you set your dvd player to output 16:9, you will get the full benefits of anamorphic widescreen dvd's.



Many thanks fatbob,

I completely forgot about that in my excitment of a new toy to play with.

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