I am stuck on Condemned can smeone help me please.

tony kop77

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I am in a room with some machinery wheels and there are 2 guys in this room one with a shovel the other with a bar. I think I am on level 4.
I have looked around the room but can't find anything apart from 1 door but it can't be opened or damaged and I dont get any messages about the door.
Where do I go :(


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:thumbsup: look to the right and if u see some ladders then climb them turn to left and go straight on and u may find a hatch to drop down , hope this is the right info...:thumbsup:

tony kop77

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Doesn't mention I need a shovel. Normally it says I need a fireaxe or whatever. The room i am in is where there are two big round machinery wheels and just downstairs in a small isolated room there is a dead bird which I collected.


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shaky is right,

run to the back of the room, the door is closed, to the right is a ladder, climb up and fall through the hole into the room. dont think you need the shovel.

i took ages beating those guys up, just to find i could have run round the back.

good luck

Deleted member 92943

Can someone pleas help me on Condemned. I can't remember the chapter number (maybe 7 or 8) but i am in a house with purple lettering going all around the house with leads to a message at the end of them.

I got two of them and i then went into the lost where this idiot got his lights knocked out (he was a ghost i think) there i saw a hole in the floor which i jumped down only to get another one of those messages leaving me with one to get.

The problem is that i can't get back into the loft where i missed an area out and where i think the other meaage is, What do i do?

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