I Am Sam



Anyone else seen this movie?, I think Sean Penn gives the best performance of his lifetime in this movie, great acting all round and a very enjoyable film. I think the way the story draws you in is terrific and will keep you engrossed right until the end.

If you like character based films and one of the best tearjerkers in a long time then rent this :)

Bone Daddy

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Picked this up at the last Memorabillia show brand new for a tenner,due to watch it this weekend,sounds good.

mr chadwick

i thought it was great,as did mrs chad.i particulary liked the bit when they recorded they ogm for penns ansaphone.hilarious.and its got a dts track and great soundtrack too.:D

Squirrel God

Like Sam, I'm a bit slow ...... getting to watch this :D

But watched it last night and enjoyed it immensely. Superb performances from both Penn and Pfeiffer. I cried for half the movie, and was in tears of laughter with the rest.

Forget the comparisons with Rainman, Penn is retarded and has a mental age of 7, Hoffman was autistic. The plots are totally different as well.

Plus, Penn gives a far superior performance in 'I am Sam' than Hoffman does in 'Rainman'. When you watch Hoffman, you know it's Hoffman. When I watched Penn, I was dumbstruck (excuse the pun) - we all know what Penn is usually like and this was like "wow - look at him go!".

There are genuine belly laughs in this movie as well.

Overall 8/10 :smoke:

But hey - what about that transfer? Superb - so sharp and full of contrast and colour :)


I loved the bit when they're recording the answerphone message and Sam's friend says to Sam "It's an outgoing message so I think you have to be more outgoing" :laugh: :laugh:



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Had the soundtrack for ages prior to seeing this, the songs are 100% excellent. One of the best ever soundtrack albums, IMO.

As for the film, I turned it off about 2/3rds in. Thought it was dreadful.


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