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I am on the verge of giving up>>>>>

I want a plasma

Standard Member
Hi guys,
ok.....can you please help me,I am going round and round and round.
I have a panny 6 panel which i think is fantastic.
I have it connected up with the tuner box,witch of coarse means i loose alot of the screen options inc.PICTURE AND PICTURE and PICTURE IN PICTURE.
So,i want to ditch the tuner box.
So the problem is what terminal boards do i need to get?????
I would like to go down the component road.
But i have a PIONEER 3100 DVR which does not support component.
And SKY+ does not support component either.
So does that mean i have to connect the DVR and SKY+
to the panel with scart cables and if so would the picture quality be ok.
Also,can i actually install two scart terminal boards into the panny 6???
Or do i ditch the DVR-3100 and get a JVC DVR so i can use component cables.
I just don't know what to do.
Please help.


Standard Member
If you really wanted to go down the component route, then if you can daisy chain the Sky box with the DVR and then get a JS RGB2Component converter and then use a 3RCA to VGA cable and use the PC VGA input, that way you save on not having to get an extra terminal board...

Ryan :smashin:

I want a plasma

Standard Member
Hi Ryan,
thanks for trying to help matey,
but i have to say thats right over my head:blush: :blush:
I cant believe i`ve spent all this money and cant understand how to put it together.
Cheers anyway.
From well ****** of Andy.

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
if you're not bothered about component, then just run your Sky through the DVR, then the DVR to 1 scart board on the plasma. Bish bash bosh, job done.

If you don't know if you want component, then you probably don't have a prog. scan DVD player, so I wouldn't worry about component - RGB Scart will be fine.


Established Member
I too have a panny 6 with tuner - ask yourself this however, is it really worth all the added expense just to have a picture in picture option? i mean, how often will you use this facility?

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor

As your finding out there are 101 ways to hook up a system - no matter what Display, DVD, Amp etc you choose to have there are always options.

Component video - there is no great benefit in YUV Component video over RGB Component video in terms of picture quality, unless you have a DVD player that has Progressive YUV Component video (and even then not all Progressive DVD players are created equal).

Panasonic Tuner - not everyone's favourite video switch as it can degrade the image from some sources; though for many any loss in picture quality is not a major issue and its other convenience factors make it an ideal choice.

AV Amp - you dont say what AV Amp you have and this will possibly have an impact on how you would connect up your kit if you did away with the Tuner box.

PC - you dont say if you need to retain the HD15 input on the Display for a PC or not.

Pioneer DVR - S-Video in and RGB via SCART out.

SKY+ - S-Video and RGB via SCART out.

Ignoring your AV Amp for now and assuming you want the in built HD15 for a PC you could go with:

1. SKY+ S-Video out to DVR3100 S-Video in.
2. SKY+ SCART RGB out to Plasma RGB in via 1 x SCART terminal board.
3. DVR3100 SCART RGB out to Plasma RGB in via 1 x SCART terminal board.

This will require you to install 2 x SCART terminal boards in your display.

As above there are other options but you need to outline your complete system before you can fully evaluate what you may require.

Best regards



Have you thought of paying someone to sort it out then? I'm not volunteeering, but I know some people who might. You would appear to have run into the classic plasma problem, you are not alone. The tuner makes things easy, yes, but it's drawbacks IMHO outweigh the convenience of bunging everything together with a few scart cables.


Standard Member
Picture quality wise I would do
SKY+ RGBout-> RGB-VGA active sync extractor (JSTech or Qsync) ->D6's HD15 in

DVR RGBout->JSTech Component converter->component board in D6

You'll also need two short SCART cables to run to your converter boxes, one component cable and one VGA cable.

Keep in mind component board for D6 is 40% cheaper than Scart board and Scart boards are rubbish (read threads on D6 diagonal lines through scart which some mistake for interference).

If you want to use your HD15 in on D6 for PC once in a while you can just pull the VGA cable out of your JSTech box and connect it to PC.

RGB to component converter costs 150 plus good scart cable will cost 40. If you can upgrade your DVR to one with component out for less than 200, go that route.

It's probably worth running Svideo out of SKY+ to DVR as Joe suggested if you want to keep some of those movies. Svideo is a good connection but make sure you don't save on cable.

I want a plasma

Standard Member
Hi guys,
thanks very much for all your advice and ideas.
After reading lots and lot of post on here about useing Component when ever possible,i have decided to sell my PIONEER DVR-3100 and buy a dvd recorder that has Progressive scan and will take Component.I`mgoing to buy one of these.......
SCART - 15 PIN HD MALE RGB (Hsync & Vsync) (2.0M)

High quality scart to 15 pin HD male SVGA plug. Gold plated connections on scart.
Application: RGB plus H sync and Vsync (5 core)
Length: 2m

So i can go from SKY+ RGB SCART>VGA with the above cable.
Then get a Component terminal board and go DVD RECORDER Component>PLASMA COMPONENT BOARD.
Does that sound ok??????


AV Amp - you dont say what AV Amp you have and this will possibly have an impact on how you would connect up your kit if you did away with the Tuner box.
I have the PIONEER VSX-912.

Ok guys....its over to you,
any thoughts on the above.


Standard Member
the cable you are talking about is known as passive sync extractor and it is not as good as JSTech or QED asctive sync extractors, but many find it acceptable. It will still be superior to RGB into a SCART board


Doesn't the 912 do component switching? But to record off sky you'd want rgb into the dvd recorder, so you'd want a scart to 2 scart adapter, a js rgb to component for sky, and switch dvd and sky on the amp, no boards needed in the plasma, just a 3 phono to 15pin hd and set vga to component in.

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor

The Pioneer DVR only have Composite via SCART or S-Video inputs - strangely enough they have RGB out.

If you want to retain RGB from the Digibox to a display you need to install a JS Tech RGB2S-Video converter to give you RGB pass through to the display plus converted S-Video to the Pioneer DVR.

I find the results on an DVR-5100 using RGB converted to S-Video to be pretty good - I have the 5100 in 2hr mode.



Yes, I'm familiar with it, Joe but he's selling it. Certaily that way has advantages though, you could use the rgb pass through on the s-vid converter to get the rgb for the YUV converter, then to the amp. That'd work, though possibly less than optimal on the video path front.

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