I am expecting too much?


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As yet another newbie to video editing I've yet to decide on what software to purchase.
I've tried the trial version of Ulead Video Studio 7 having read good reviews and been extremely disappointed with the final quality of the DVD, in particular subject movement is accompanied by a blurred trail.
Is this normal?
At first I suspected the firewire cable (a cheapie) but directly burning to DVD from DV tape using Power Producer 2 results in reasonable quality.
I've also tried the MM2, TMPGenc route and not been satisfied with the final result.

Basically I want to know if there's something wrong with my computer or am I expecting too much from budget software?

I'd like to ask members of this forum that recommend ULVS7 (or other software such as Pinnacle) how good their final DVDs are compared to the original DV tape, marks out of ten.

Medion Titanium MD 8080XL (3GHZ P4, 512MB, 160GB) :confused:




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i use adobe encore dvd to authour and encode my dvd (cost £430) my 15 year old son does all is capture and editing in ulead studio 6 wich came with dvd burner and i will be perfectly honest apart from stability adobe 100% ulead pot luck on rendering . i cannot tell the difference in the encoding to mpeg i would suggest you may not have all youre settings correct , looking at your system you should have no problems .


What equipment are you useing to view the final disk?
If you are watching it on a PC monitor then the poor quality etc that you describe are all to be expected as a monitor is just not designed for displaying fast moving, full colour detailed video. Try playing the DVD on a TV screen.
If you are watching on a TV is it still played on a PC DVD-ROM drive. If so the problems could be to do with the TV output card and hundreds of different PC settings.
At what stage do you notice the drop in quality? As soon as captured, after editing, once converted to MPEG-2 etc etc.

I use Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3 to create the disks and can highly recommend that for ease of use and quality of the final disks.
For editing I use Adobe Premiere 6 which although a very powerful editing package could never be recommended for ease of use.
Conversion of the AVI files to MPEG-2 is done in either of the above 2 progs.

Creating a DVD will always result in some loss of quality as to fit it all on a small disk means everything needs to be compressed. I would say the final disks would get a 8/10 rating for satisfaction, but if compared to the DV PQ would drop to say 6/10.


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