I am a beginner with 3000 to spend



Need advise...
Wanting a plasma display but which one is is the anoying question.

Reading through this sight it would seem good to suggest a battle between the following two:

1) Panasonic TH42PW6B
2) Hitachi 42PD3000E

Pricewise nothing much in it. However issues with wires and the like. The display will be located on the chimney breast to give a central position. The hitachi has a tuner box so this means one wire + power cable running to it so presents a cleaner and easier task to hide or run the cables with little distraction taken away from the screen. The panasonic doesnt many cables to deal with...

I would like help in making a choice. I've been putting off buying a display for nearly 2 years now, very concerned person when parting with cash. Also I am very critical with picture quality and know that a crt tv produces a better image, but canna get that in the centre of the room nor looking as good.



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Best advice is to go and see them both is use - I've got a 42PD3000 and am delighted with it as are many others but there are just as many very happy Panasonic owners out there.



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Well, both have their fans on this site, so the "cop out" answer is you need to see both screens in action and decide which you like best.

In terms of connectivity, you can have just a single video cable with a Panny PW6 - there are several options of how to do this. (See many threads on this). If you have Sky, Cable, or Freeview (or can get them) you don't need a tuner.

I'm a PW6 owner, and very happy with mine.



Cheers re the above.

I will check them out prior to purchase. I have seen the Hitachi but only connected up poorly. The pana I have not yet seen.

Sevenoaks is where I have purchased things b4 and have been quite happy. they however do not have the Pana on display at leeds store may have to go traveling.

Any suggestions?


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