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I also need advice...

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Hobbess253, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Hobbess253


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    OK so have been running around the forums for the last 3 nights or so trying to figure out what to buy...

    I have a budget of about £1100 for a good RPTV. For most of today I was fixed on a Sony KF42SX300U, graded version from Robert Whyte, was in their shop in Glasgow today and was happy enough with the chat from the salesman and the TV looked pretty good.

    However have since been widening my search and realising just how many are out there. Just looking at the pricerunner website there are about 14 or so within my budget range which I hadn't even considered before.

    So other TVs are now popping into my head such as the Sony KP-44PX3 or LG RE44NZ23RB and not to mention the Samsung or Toshiba models, all of which can come in under budget. Problem is there just doesn't seem to be a good comparison place, there are the odd reviews but these all seem generally positive or might not cover the most up-to-date model.

    Have done some searching on the forums and its a similair story, generally positive though nothing to convince me either way and some discussions can be quite old.

    Any help would be good!!

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