I’m looking to get a PC custom built for living room

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I'm looking to get a new pc custom built. My budget is about £1500. I'm not interested in building one myself don’t have time or patience for it. I value convenience basically one where I can have it custom built from somewhere reputable in the UK and have it delivered and ready to just power up.

The PC will be in my living room so it must be quiet with good quality silent fans and quiet PSU and not take over the living room in terms of noise and footprint so as small as possible but not small where it’s gimping components - basically meet all my requirements.

My current PC Specs below (used upstairs as it’s too big and loud) I will be replacing this upstairs pc with a Mac Pro upstairs just for work purposes so the new PC I want will be downstairs instead.

Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.5GHz
Memory: 16384MB DDR RAM
GeForce GTX 670
120gb SSD Samsung for OS
Various HDD's with Synology NAS setup externally through ethernet.
Logitech 518 Mouse and Logitech
K200 keyboard

This current pc is OK but far too big and loud for the living room and a bit dated. I can’t just move it to downstairs as it’s too big, loud and old now. I want a decent future proof for at least 5 years or more replacement to the above as I bought my current one early 2012. It’s in a massive Inwin case. I went overboard with the case. I’d like one smaller but more powerful and modern. Again, I really dont want to build it myself dont have the time or patience and I will just get frustrated doing it.

Most importantly, I'd like a speedy PC that extracts/unzipping/copying files quickly (from the internal SSD to a NAS upstairs wired through Ethernet going up wall to upstairs). Multitasking needs to be fast and have it cope with download speeds on a 200mb internet connection. I don't know anything about processors so I'm hoping someone can advise on a good one with a motherboard that compliments it well.

I will be using it for everything but WON’T be using it to play new PC games at 4K/60fps with the best gfx cards and framerate etc. Medium settings are fine. So it will be internet browsing, sorting and using iTunes, apps have to run fast, emulation up to at least PS2(making emulation run in higher res as well) and playing pc exclusive games like strategy games latest Civ etc, maybe indie games from Steam. Basically only playing pc games that aren’t available on consoles or elsewhere.

I want a decent enough GPU that can display 4K as it would be hooked up to my 4K KS8000 65” TV downstairs through the receiver but not those top of the range Titan ones lol as they’re really for gaming at 4K 60fps lol. I want it to display in 4K at least to take advantage of the 4k screen for video files and using desktop in 4K but not necessarily playing games in 4K. VR ready with Vive would be nice though but not essential.

I'd like it pretty compact mid size to small not a big footprint, quiet as possible is absolutely a must as it will be in the living room but not be gimped with the parts due to the small size either. Being quiet is absolute must so a good quiet PSU, quiet fans, liquid cooling? (Dont really know much about pcs tbh).

With my current PC i went a bit overboard as its a massive inwin tower case and its simply too big and loud. Mobo and case support two gfx cards but I never really game on it much to take advantage of that as I only have one gtx 670 inside it.

Having said that I don't want a situation where I might be gimped so I don't want a crappy gfx card for the new pc - just a decent one that can play most new PC games on medium and play video in 4K. In terms of emulation it would need to play up to at least ps2 gen emulation at full fps with much higher res something my current pc can never really do. I'm interested in gaming on it for PC exclusives but not the latest high end graphcs cards running stuff like a Metro Exodus at 60fps at 4K - I’ll just use my PS4 for multi platform games. More into emulation and pc exclusives than anything to be honest - so pc strategy games maybe too.

It must have at least 5x USB3 ports on the front of the case or at the top or more. I want them at the back of the case too as usual for other stuff but things like iphone leads, usb sticks etc will need to easily be able to connect to the front of the case as it will facing outwards from the wall. I don't want to be reaching round to the back once everything is connected. Being able to charge or have USB ports powered while it’s off would be handy too.

HDD I'd like a SSD with 500tb or 250tb SSD as my main OS drive. Don't know which are good these days. Also a secondary 4-6tb internal as drive D:\

I'm bothered about iTunes as I have a ton of music on my 2tb internal drive D:\ drive and I wanna keep it exactly the same when i transfer it over to the new 4tb internal one in the new PC. (like keep all the playlists and paths the same as I have a lot).

I'd like a decent wireless mouse and keyboard - this is important. I don't want a fancy gaming mouse with tons of buttons but one that is regarded as the best for general use. My current one Logitech 518 is great but its wired and a bit old. It does its job but must be surely better ones out after 10+ years out there?

Not interested in new sound or speakers as I'll use my Denon and Q Acoustics 5.1 setup via receiver hooked up to it via hdmi.

Also what are the latest things people have inside their PC's that they didn't have like 10 years ago? I don't wanna miss anything out and regret it later. I'm just thinking like someone who bought a pc ten years ago as opposed to now. Internal bluetooth is a must, anything else that will just make quality of life better when using a PC these days as opposed to 2012?

Lastly, One of my biggest annoyances with my current PC and the one I had before was USB transfer rates with sticks and external HDD's connected via USB2/3 connections. It was always way too slow and it sometimes errored out transferring files. This is back before on Windows 7 and Windows 10 which I use now. Like a 30gb file could take 20 minutes copying from the standard internal HDD to a USB 3 drive. This seems like a software issue more than hardware as it happened too often on different usb sticks or usb hdd's. It happened on both Windows 7 and Window 10 so I'm not sure if there is a solution for this?

I posted about this about 6 months ago but wasn’t sure what I wanted back then, but now I know as I know you can’t get a small form factor pc for what I need it for (quietness and 4K display etc).
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Personally I'd pick up a 1070, bigger ssd and a new case and you're good to go for a few years with the speed things are progressing at the moment


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Be careful about choice of cooling, personally I user Noctua for power supplies, CPU coolers and fans in case (pun intended) for this kind of thing.
Very quiet and very reliable.

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