HZ980B stuttering on internal apps and external devices


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Hello all,
I appreciate there are various threads discussing pull-up/down/ratios and all sorts, but I'd like to ask a somewhat simpler question.

I like to have the Intelligent Frame Creation set to max as I enjoy the smoothness (life is smooth, not a series of flickering stills). I realise there will be motion artifacts depending on bit rate and frame rate and edge algorithms so that's not what I'm asking about. I feel it generally makes a decent job, compared to having IFC off.

I'm finding a massive difference in the frame rate displayed on the TV from various sources, which is then exaggerated by the IFC (but not caused by it - it's also visible with IFC and all other processing off). If I watch things on the TV's Netflix app, generally there is little stutter, particularly on the UHD videos. However if I watch things on the YouTube app, I get horrendous stutter, like a 25fps stream being played at 30fps with many frames being repeated, e.g. the frame sequence going 1,2,3,4,5,5,6,7,8,9,10,10,11,12,13,14,15,15,16,17,18,19,20,20,21,22,23,24,25,25. Frankly, it makes most videos on YouTube almost unwatchable. Is the TV always running in 60Hz mode on YouTube, irrespective of the native frame rate of the video?

I have a similar problem using a new Chromecast TV; I have to manually set this to 60Hz or 50Hz depending on the source content as otherwise I get the same horrible stutter. This is the same for all apps running on it. Sometimes it doesn't matter what it's set to, it's still very stuttery, depending on the app.

So far the best results are casting to an old Chromecast Ultra, forced into 50Hz mode for 25/50fps sources, left to be at 60Hz for 30/60fps sources. Even then I still have YouTube player problems with stuttering.

Does anyone else have these problems? I can't understand why the TV's own apps fail to get the frame rate right? Are they really simply just that bad?

A good example is the latest video by Kris Rifa on his YouTube channel, reacting to the Q4 etron specs announcement:

The pans on the cars in this look like someone doing a bad robot dance!

All thoughts and suggestions welcome. I am running the latest software, and I've tried turning all processing off so that it's as close to native as I can get (I think). I can still see the stuttering/jerking with everything off.

While the motion processing for IFC is light-years ahead of the B8 I had previously, the frame rate problems are really doing my head in :(.


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A good example is the latest video by Kris Rifa on his YouTube channel, reacting to the Q4 etron specs announcement:

The pans on the cars in this look like someone doing a bad robot dance!

Hi - the stuttering during the car clips in that video looks bad on my GZ950 too (eg. the vertical pan @ 5:55)

I watch a lot of YouTube content and have not seen stuttering as bad as that before, so - out of interest - I watched the same scene on my Pixel 2 phone and my PC's Dell (LCD) monitor... and it stutters in exactly the same way on both. There's no stuttering on his studio parts at all, so presumably he's pinched the car clips from elsewhere and they're either inherently problematic in some way or he's done a poor job of editing/mastering the final result.

TL;DR - I think it's the video that's the problem in that particular case and not the TV :)
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Thanks Mike, that's reassuring to know! I have seen on quite a few YouTubers' clips where they are re-using publicity video that you get this hideous stuttering.

It's particularly frustrating as I got a refund on my LG B8 about 3 weeks too late to grab a GZ950 and so naively thought "Great, I can get an HZ980 instead, that's bound to be an improvement!" and it seems I could not have been more wrong/unlucky :(

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